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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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27 No revelations or rule n°1 3

-Master, it happens that…

Roughly his plan in which if Nyggloth invaded them they would go to the capital to be killed by him failed because Merlin seems to informed that he's in the Empire, or is just careful.

-And what about the attack on the resistance base?

-It'll be destroyed in two months, the first day of the month at dawn.

-Perfect! Their destruction the first of april will become a joke!

There maybe is a problem…


Anyway, I think I found the shadow master of the Empire…

And he seems to have two personalities…

-Ha ha ha ha! I'm the big bad guy of this novel!

-Until the hero will beat of baseball*, buddy!

A voice that I don't know adds:

-Yes, after all, it's a shonen so you'll become the friend of the good guy after he'll beat you…

A third personality?

I don't know if I have to be surprised or not.

As Orelsan, nothing is surprising me anymore**…

And what what do you mean when you say I have old references? It was in 2011! Not even 7 years ago! Complain to the author, fuck it!

-Watch One Piece, for example, Luffy fought against Zoro and Franky, and still they are the best friends of the world! He even fought against USOPP! The useless god!

-We don't even know what you're talking about buddy…

Say the hippie.

-Yeah I'm not understanding your things about the "Earth"… What's the difference between earth and sky, sea or even mud?

Add the bad guy.

-Well, imagine that…

Good, it's the end of the chapter, you don't have enough Spirit Stones to read***.

Yes, like, really.

Really really.

Like yes there won't be anything more in this chapter!

See you next week!

What do you mean when you say the author said in the title that there won't be any revelations and there is tons of it? Did you forget the rule n°1 ? I'm talking about this one:

Rule n°1: The ~doctor~ author lies.

A/N: Doctor is crossed but we still can't do that can't of formatting on webnovel, so I used '~' instead.

*The second person conjugation of the verb beat (battre - batte) in French is the same as the word for bat (baseball bat here - batte), I hesitated but as both use didn't make sense in English I used the one that will force people to go read the notes.

**The french rapper Orelsan's "Plus rien ne m'étonnes"… soon 10 years old but well…

***Salt… Salt… A lot of salt… A really salty reference! Reference to the before qidian international, now webnovel. To be quick qidian is a chinese novel company, who created an international branch that translate in english their novels. Their premium program is permitting to their international branch to stop being in deficit, but place the readers bank accounts of the readers in deficit… Yes the spirit stones can be obtained everyday, but as long as you read 2 premium novels with a rhythm of 2 chapters per day, you're at the end of what you can obtain for free, and you have to get out your billfold to buy spirit stones (or your address book to send invites). This reference is about the constant bleeding of my spirit stones stock that is visibly reducing everyday. Well maybe the ancient system would be efficient if they added ads like other websites other than the one ad on the two last chapters… And now I'll again redirect you with a link, to a rap song called "Salé" (salty) that perfectly describe how I felt at the moment I was reading (two invites in the same day). http://bit.ly/SpiritStonesSalé


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