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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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29 Hook OR social networks

-Well, it happens that I've been summoned.

-Summoned? So you're a hero?

-Oh nothing to do with that, that's just that the big bad guy here wanted to summon a demon. His summoning run on virgin blood, and the purer the virgin is, the more powerful the summon is. He sacrificed a hundred of young girls…

-And then?

-Well then they were not virgin… The delinquency…

-Oh yes, it's possible for it to pose problems…

-Yeah so apparently it was the fault of a guy called "Moar", he brang Tinder in this world. I have no idea who it is though…

I decide to play the indignation card.

-Oh yes, really, frankly young people nowadays… They only think about sex! Why didn't he bring Facebook or Twitter?

-I heard he wanted to pick up girls one day he had time to lose while shitting and he decided to invent Tinder…

-Oh yeah, still…

How come I don't remember any of these? Yes, I was shitting, but if I invented Tinder, it as because I had time to lose! Nothing to do with picking up chicks, having been virgin all my precendent life and things like that! Nothing to do too with the "Asian Shemale suck big faded turkey cock" in my history!

-I even heard he invented the porno without passing by the cinema step!

STOP! Halt! Change of subject! Don't expose the soft and innocent spirit of the readers to this! No! Nothing to do with "Innocent girl lick a horse's ass"! Shh! My priority is not at all to prevent what happened at Nyggloth to be known by the general public!

-Hmm, listen, all of that is making me uncomfortable… This guy is clearly twisted, I think we should change of subject.

I'm currently crying over my lost reputation inside while I'm saying this.

-It's true, otherwise, do you have a way to help me to change of body?

-That should be possible…

The author is too much of a sadist! I give up! He loves seing me suffer! Please, a reader here! Save me! Stop him from writing or change the author if you want, but do something!

This was a message of the ministry of mental health.


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