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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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30 My friend Adolf OR panic on the city

-In the precedent episode…

-Already done.


-That joke was already done.


As this dialogue never existed, I separate with regret with Adolf, a quite close friend of mine.

He said to me that he was summoned in 1945, and I never asked myself the famous question every single reader are asking themselves: why does this man named Adolf disappeared on Earth in 1945 is considered closer from a demon than a man by the summoning ritual? Even failed, this ritual is still made to summon demons…

But well, I leave the secret passage and return in my room, under the astonished look of a passerby.


I'm in my room, and I am in a fucking shit!

When I got back, I used my AI to look at the recording of everything that happened, looking for details and precisions about… Well gotta admit I'm lying, I just find I was bloody awesome though! Such eloquence!

But the little problem is that I neglected a thing quite important: I totally blew my cover!

I suppose you're incredulous, so I'll explain:

Do you remember when I hid of the emperor by becoming invisible?

Next, I started to talk to the earthling personality of the big bad guy while the emperor was still kneeling before him!

So I announced that I was coming from another world too!

Now everything depends of the imagination of the emperor! He can imagine that I'm possessing his son! Or then that I'm reincarnated, but anyway in each of these cases it smells shit!

How will I manage to get out of this shit?

I don't knoooowwwww!


I'm already imagining the TV saying:

-Panic on the city when the most influent man of the Manhunthan area destroyed the cover of his own son, quite not discreet agent of the FBI… Moar, any comment?

-No comment!

I'm an american, me!*

Wait the subject wasn't to show off?


A servant just informed me that I was summoned in the private study of the emperor!

Aaaahhhhh! Such stress!

I walk in the corridor, with a grave look.

I have to find a solution!

My AI is in maximal alert state and my brain is working at the limit of its capabilities to find something.

Fucking shit!

This body was supposed to help me escape to my death and my horde of fangirls in bikini!

I stop at the toilets while I'm at it, just to smoke one of the spliffs I borrowed to the hippie to loosen up.

I win a rank and my law of addiction is reinforcing itself, I'm now rank 8!

After loosening, I set up an action plan!

First, I'll use my addiction law to awake the drug inside the emperor's body, the difference between two rank being enormous, I'm now able to use my law tens of times, while once was my maximum at the previous rank! So I'm able to cause him an overdose!

Then, it'll be important to edit his memories!

And finally, I'll implant totally normal memories in place of his ancient ones!

Feeling that my plan is almost perfect, I proudly enter in the throne room…

And I stay speechless before what I see inside.


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