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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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31 Low-key OR and his name is… 1

A feast for the announcement of the new heir…

I'm relieved!

It has nothing to do with me!

-Moar! Hey! Moar!

I was so dived in my thoughts that brain.exe has stopped working.

The actions I did when spacing out were visibly mechanical as it seems that I'm not on the entrance anymore.


-Are you fine?

Before me is one of the candidates princes to the succession.

There was something strange: his look is worried, and full of GOOD WILL!

-Take a bit of wine, that'll help you to clear your mind.

It's much too plain. candidate + wine = poison!

I empty half of the cup in another, and pass it to him.

-Go on, drink first!

Seeing that he was totally seen through, his expression change from warm and amicable to cold and he quickly leaves my side of the room.

I put the cups on a table to free my hands, and start to scratch my nonexistent beard like the 8 years old old sage I am.

Ha ha ha! As I planned! He was fucked!

I hear behind me the noise of a body falling!

The time it takes me to turn around, a second body fell.

It's two very little wary candidates who drank the cups.

Anyway, seeing their naivety, they were going to die, so that's only a blessing for them to die in a so little painful way.

I watch them wriggle as fishes out of the water under the effect of the poison for almost 30 minutes!

To pass time, I eat a pack of home-made dried salty pistachio and rolls.

These are mages, and they're able to hold on for quite long without breathing.

At the moment they're seeing the end of the tunnel, I use my addiction law to manipulate the poison. This poison can be considered as a drug, so it's okay.

I save them at the last moment.

After quickly taking them as subordinates for life because I saved their life, I ask some things to my "half-brothers"/slaves, the first being their status, the second being how I consider them.

Yes, they almost died because of me, so what?

So I learn some interesting things:

-This feast was organized by the emperor because master is now the first in the succession line.



Wasn't the emperor supposed to be like flying in a rage? Or in "get rid of" mode or anything else but not that! It looks like he's KIND! He's still alive, no? He was the only survivor of the precedent succession war, no? He shouldn't be kind if he survived!

So there's something fishy!

After thinking about it for a few years… hum months… hum days… hum hours… hum minutes… hum seconds now you're happy? Yes in reality it was in hundredths of a second but it's not my fault if my brain is too powerful! Einstein compared to me is a little shit! Well gotta admit he would be next to any mage above rank 2 but well.

To resume he want to try to obtain my favor to get closer to the Hippie and Dolfy… Yes! Dolfy! My poto* Adolf! I found him a little name, it's nice Dolfy!

But well let's go back to what I really am thinking…


*I can't take it! In English, there's mate and nigga, but nothing between the two! One is too normal the other too offensive! AAAAHHHHH! So after one hour of googling that served to nothing, I'll use the French word poto that is mate, but in a more familiar and closer way. Here poto means that he's his brother/buddy/mate, in a slanger way. So until someone sends me a word from the depths of the internet/an English Dictionary, I'll use the French word poto. After all Japanese are using moe and kawaii, Chinese are using -er, why can't French use poto?


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