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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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37 A crossover to refresh the story OR MC takeover

I'm about to enter the universe, so I use my new capacities obtained after destroying the 8th wall to fix one of the author's problem: what's next!

There is two possibilities to write what happens next in a story when the mc became powerful:

1) Make him even more powerful, with enemies even stronger. This is the shonen principle, and even if it looks good in mangas and animes, the novels readers are less probable to appreciate this overused method… Especially when a too op mc is causing a strong drop of readers most of time.

2) Nerf him all of sudden, and make him restart from scratch. Well I'm going to make it simple for this one: it causes he death of half of the novels readers (per frustration or suicide), and to place it you often need to change the mc of place or body. To do that, we got no problem, but that was already used once, so let's forget it.

Then what should we do?

Well (I always dreamt about saying that), the third soltion!

And I'm imagine you shouting NANI like the little kids you are! Yes we're going to use the solution number 3!

Replace the mc!

No! Don't do this, author!


Let me live!

I had to work so hard to try to reach the 10th wall!

I only have two left!

Come on! Let me reach it and I'll be able to take over your body!

No author!

Don't erase my existence!


I got you, right?

But well, more seriously, the third solution is about keeping the mc's opness, but force him to do things he is bad at.

Unfortunately, this novel have little chances to attract readers by doing romance (from its more and more trash side since the start), so I'm not going to ask to the author to ask (asking inception) help to the authors of the most read actual romances (author inception).

I'm just going to find something I'm bad at apart from romance (laughs).

After a long deliberation (3 thousandth of second), I go for the subtlety!

I'm going to have to learn subtlety!


###Report n°1: Information Gathering###

>> Connecting to Nyggloth's network…

>> Starting information gathering.

>> Found video platform, possibility of it containing all needed information.

>> Downloading videos 1/10,000,000…

>> Download complete.

>> Analyzing the videos…

>> Human brain simulated is having several unexpected reactions.

>> Reactions estimated to be: excitation, disgust, fear for your asshole and uncontrollable fear.

>> Deduction of general content…

>> Content is "porn".

>> Porn is detected to be apt to manipulate human emotions.

>> Plan updated from "Ultron will rule the world" to "Ultron will rule the world with porn".

###End of Report###


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