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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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39 Re:Amon, poll OR fuck that shi

Moar was happily taking a walk in the streets of the city.

The silent terror in the people's eyes was procuring him an immense pleasure.

But he wasn't ready for what the author prepared for him…

-Eh wait who are you?

Said Moar.

-Oh I'm talking to you!

He insisted.

-Hey did you finish with that! I'm talking to you, narrator!

Shouted Mo… Ah?

-I'm not a called Moah %$£#§@ !

Added Moar, exasperated.

-Are you hearing me?

Said the narrator, surprised.

-Obviously yes, I'm still the real narrator! I still have the channel permissions!

Explained Moar.

-Oh shit. So then what do we do?

Asked the narrator.

-First explain me why you're the narrator. Since when? And also, you are not even censuring yourself…

-Well the author did a poll, and so now it's a third person novel.

Moar wasn't even convinced a second.

-Since when does the author have active readers? I remember of 100 followers on webnovel and 30 on royalroadl… and only one commenting.

-He promised bonus chapters.

-Imp… Impossible! Since when is the author not lazy? Everyone knows he was not at home for two days this weekend and he wrote only three chapters including this one! Even though he couldn't nor watch animes, play games, make games or think about the meaning of life and of his reason to live! He was only able to write or read! How can an author who writes so little can promise bonus chapter?

Indicate Moar with accuracy.

I… My lie was totally seen through! How could I know that someone would be almost as lazy as this alien who writes DNO with DNA with ClemCa!

Liron thinks while he's quickly fleeing the novel.*


Meanwhile, on my side, I got back my narrator job, so I can say cool things like, if I write a letter:


Fuck this shit.

Best regards, Moar who fuck you in the ass.

By the way, incidentally I ran into Amon.

I think it's really becoming strange…

I mean, is the name of this novel Re:Amon?

Because it starts being a real pain!


Amon was walking in the street.

By coincidence, he met a child. His face was reminding him of something…

Strangely, when he tried to remember where he saw it, he felt his anus tingling while his buttocks seemed to be feeling the soft touch of a fur.

Eventually, he decides to forget about it. It's maybe just an impression…

He pat my shoulder.

-Hi kid, where are your parents.


I disappear before his flabbergasted eyes.

-Someone should really teach to this kid subtlety…

Amon added this day this goal to the list of the numerous things he wants to do in life.



###Report n°3: L.O.L.###

>> Chapter got enough words already, estimated to be long enough according to the 500 words policy…

>> You got trolled, no report today.

>> L.O.L.

###End of Report###


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