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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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41 50 shades of steel OR a not very shared joy

It should be the 150th cycle right? I tried everything to escape but…

-Naughty! Naughty kid!

Amon is making me lying on the edge of the bed and spanks me with the edge of his sword… Quite happily I don't feel my butt anymore. Can't he realize it's been more than 50 times that I'm escaping and almost 100 times he spanks me?

-Fuck, my ass is not dirty, right, can't you use your hands at least? Have a bit of respect for traditions, shit!*

Without all my OP powers, I have about the strength of a 10 years old kid. When at the same time not only he is older but is also full of upgrades.

As for why he's spanking me…

-It's bad to use bad language! Naughty!

He's talking to me as if my body was even younger than it is already… I am not 2 and my body's not too fuck it! I lost the count of years, but it should've been around 11-12 years that this body is born no? And I'm not talking about my soul… Being bawl on by a kid almost three times younger than you is a particular feeling…

The worse is certainly his eyes full of stars while he's doing that… I wanna puke rainbows right now!

Who gave him such an image of parental education??? Yet I remember that his novel was quite the opposite, lax to death, no?

Authooooorrrrrrrrrr! It's forbidden to edit a mc just for a crossover!

-Liron approves, and anyway he already took out the popcorn.


-By the way, did I tell you the name of the plot? It's 50 shades of steel.**


I don't know what went into Amon's head (or rather in the plot) but now he started acting in a totally creepy way.

-You name is Politeness.

-No fuck my name is Moar shit!

And each fucking time he fucking whips my ass with his fucking sword!

Seriously shit!


My resistance is eroding.

It's scary.

It's stranger and stranger and I think I'll never recover from it.

What he's doing is not sticking to his character at all holy shit!


I… I am… Moar…














###Report n°5: Funny Enough###

>> Creating YouTron… Address : YouTron.Ul…

>> Blass detected to be cute by simulated brain…****

>> Generating Blass videos…

>> Cker detected to be ugly to the point it is satisfying to see them die…****

>> Generating Cker videos with "Michael Bay" module…

>> To augment efficiency, combining both is essential. Generating videos with both Cker and Blass…

###End of Report###





*What tradition?????? He just wanted to do some trashtalk xD.

**As for why steel…

***The huge advantage I had for once is that Politeness and its French equivalent (politesse) are very close.

****Blass are cat-men in a furry way but starting from this chapter they are kemonomimis. Anyway it's a extinct species in the rp. The Cker are big magic slug (well they got a society, they rank individuals and are intelligent but well…)



That chapter was supposed to be done sunday but I overslept.

I had to search for famous sentence about 50 shades of grey for this chapter… I feel like I'm gonna throw up… I didn't find anything I can use too… So in the end I had to use the most horrible I can use I can remember: your name is stench. Note that this sentences comes from a parody from the Kassos (youtu.be/zrCeO8xIPbA).


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