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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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43 Parallel universes OR misunderstood genius

So, everyone, I'll have to explain to you how I managed to escape to the author's dangerous plot.

It's quite complicated so I'm not expecting you to understand everything, but I'll try to tell everything.

As a novel character, I never do any error, do you know that? If I fuck something up, it's because the author wanted me to. On the other hand, there IS someone who can do errors, and it's the author!

A player pointed out to the author that he wrote in chapter 37 " When the big bad guy was killed by the RP players, Hitler replaced the soul of my son!", even before the actual fight in the rp.

Where's the problem? Quite simply, all inferior life forms were killed by the big bad guy less than 0.5 thousandths if second after the start of the fight!

The fight lasted for around 650 milliseconds, meaning it is around 1 hour of rp. Put in another way, the body of my son was dead for more than 500 milliseconds when he would have been possessed. But it happens that his soul was entirely dissipated from his body, making any possession extremely complicated! Moreover, the big bad guy died in the void between universes, destroyed by a special turbulence in which the players deliberately threw him (being unable to survive for more than a second, even less to kill him themselves, this was the only way they thought of).

It is worth noting that not only was his body destroyed, but also his law, his magic, AND his soul! In other words, any measure he could have taken for any reincarnation would be useless!

And this player who pointed that out did a great work for me, as what he said was so exact than the author didn't find any valid pretext (apart from me being able to protect my family, a thing I cannot do too as my law was just enough for me).

The author being stuck at the same point for 2 weeks without being able to find any solution was thus forced to find this plot excuse: the parallel universes!

Basically, as the big bad guy never resurrected in my son, it impacted the moment I left, which impacted my decision etc… Butterfly effect: I never went into the crossover world!

You understand right! Brilliant, no?

On top of that, he even solved the Ultron problem in passing. Because I never let a super dangerous program in the AI files! The author was starting to find it was a real pain to write it, it was just funny at the start, and while thinking about it, it was becoming super hard to find things to write after that.

Who's the genius? Who's the genius?

It's the au… It's the au… It's yours truly! Lol I got u.

Hey, come on laugh fuck it!

Come on!

Sheesh, I'm really a misunderstood genius…


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