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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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44 The danger OR sense of déjà vu 1

I finally arrived at my destination.

So, in which magnificent universe did I arrive?

First impression: I'm on a habitable planet.

Second impression: is it me or the planet is flat?

Third impression: even with my laws, I'm almost crushed by the gravity.

So, I think that either this planet has artificial gravity, either this planet is so huge that you can't see the horizon.

As the gravity seems to have tiny variations depending on the places I am at, I'd say it's a planet with natural gravity.

But its size must be huge.

Should be around 100,000 and 1 million times bigger than the Earth.

And much denser, the gravity is much higher than 1 million times the Earth's.

I'd say tens of millions times to affect even a body of laws to this point.

At max, I can jump around 10 meters high.

It's a bit nerf for someone able to jump from the Earth to Mars. I would though have changed the Earth's path in passing but well… It's just a detail.

It's not that that'll change my current situation.

Instead of continuing to complain internally, I'll rather take out my compass.

And it's not any compass. It indicates the central universe!

Quite useful to know where you are in the multiverse.


Fuck, it's broken?

It turns all around in a totally random way!

It doesn't make any sense!

I might well verify, it doesn't seem to be broken. It then means that… I'm in the middle of the central universe! (kapow!)

Well, the drama is maybe a bit high.

The central universe is a really scary place… I mean, literally, every single living being is stronger than you!

It means they all have laws!

All of them having laws also means they are all intelligent. Very intelligent.

Many laws are changing the behavior of the one wielding it, and there are laws pretty much evil and violent.

Basically, we have all the central universe's living beings being very intelligent, very powerful and some are belligerent…

Seriously in what brutish world was I thrown in?

Oh, I just remarked, there are hundreds of people with the same laws than me in the region, and they are all tons of times stronger than me.

The closer one is so strong that he's crushing me by his presence.

He seems to have felt me too and is certainly closing in.

After all, nothing is better for a law wieldier on the bad side than to kill those who have the same law as them to take it.



It's much too quick!

He's already here!

He was thousands of kilometers away not even a hundredth of second before!

And he doesn't hide his intentions and directly starts with a big law blow.

He almost broke my scenarium armor!


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