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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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46 Who wants churross OR Rofl wur u 1

Okay, I need a plan to survive.

Let's first do a complete check-up of my situation:

So, I have a super powerful being of rank 400 that fires laser rays with his eyes and is moving as fast as me, and… rocks.

A millions of kilometers wide rock field.



I know! I'm going to disguise myself!

Let's see, what kind of costume is it perfectly logical to use in this situation…

Well, I could disguise as the other bastard and hope he takes me as someone from his species…


No originality in the cosplay if I do this…

I know!


The being turns around the rock to find right before him…

A neko pushing a trolley.

This trolley has two wheels on its front and two legs on its back, where a handle allows one to lift the trolley's back part.

This neko shouts:

-Nyah! Who wants churros! Who wants churros! 1 euro! 1 euro! Who wants churros! Who wants churros! 2 euros! 2 euros! Meow! [1]

There is in fact only one possible reaction to this scene…

-… *facepalm*


Fuck what is he doing, it's been 1h he's looking at me! Did I crash his brain? Blue screen? Windows update? Windows configuration? Restarting? Windows configuration yet again? The welcome of the session opening that lasts forever?

Well, anyway, I am starting to have a sore throat after all of this.

-Nyaaaah! Who wants churros! Who wants churros! Meoooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!

Oops, that last one was closer in its end to a wolf that howls to the moon than a cat… But well, there's not any chance for him to see the difference.

His eyes are suddenly becoming clear, and he's slashing his claws at me!

Claws????? Oh, it's new, it's true the author is taking advantage of the fact he didn't make any description so he can whatever he wants because no one can say it's false!


He tore apart my clothes!

No! Yamete! Don't push the pause button! Stop making fanarts and ero doujinshis! Nyaaaaahhh!

So, more seriously, after this invulnerability time given by the fanservice that forced his 4 first claws attacks to only tear apart my clothes without touching me, I have to flee!

The next blow can be mortal! It would be a pain to die the heart pierced after such a magnificent fan service scene! I would feel like in high school DxD!

Let's go! Let's run away!

But thanks to the fanservice scene, I obtained more budget!

I now have the capacity to dig the indestructible soil on the condition that I stay less than 4 seconds in.

You know, unstable foundations, too strong gravity, all of that.

You'll ask the local Portuguese more details. [2]



[1] Typical plage thing shouted by humans, not nekos, on France's plages, with their trolley, to sell churros and diverse other things, such as ice creams. As for the price increase, it's just Moar who under-evaluated the price of churros so keep augmenting the price he says as if nothing happened.

[2] I don't know if you have that cliché as a meme source in English, but in French it's common to use Portuguese as a powerful source of memes, you can search "portugais meme" for more information.

A/N: I know I neglected this novel too much compared to the second one, but in fact what I write depends on what I want to write and my inspiration. But a sentence particularly marked me lately: "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.". I thought this sentence was strangely close to Moar's personality, and here I am, writing a novel without any future without even an idea of how I'll go from where I am to the conclusion!


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