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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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48 Who wants churross OR Rofl wur u 2

Anyway, buck-naked, my body still reshaped into a nekomimi, fanservice or not, I guess it's about time I use that new ability.

I can only stay under the ground for 4 seconds, there must be some way for me to use that to hide from him, right?

Let's debrief, what are his characteristics?

First, he's pretty much primal and does not seem speech-able despite being around rank 400. It seems like a basic creature of this world. It's not the center universe for nothing, I don't think such a strong creature could be the base of another universe.

Second, he's pretty much slow and weak for his rank. It's maybe due to the fact it's his natural rank, so he does not know how to use his own power. He can only use his physical strength.

Third, his only way to attack so far has been to move his claws around, so he probably is not used to fighting beings as weak as me, which is why he doesn't know that he can just kill me with any contact.

Fourth, he seems to rely heavily on his smell, and somehow it seems to not be affected by the shape I take, so it's probably linked to my soul.
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The only point I can use is the fourth.

There are many ways to change my soul, but none of them allows me to keep my current power during the whole process.

I can't take the risk of being reborn a second time, as I'd lack power.

And taking over one of this world's babies is impossible. Just imagine how my soul could fight the baby's soul to take over it when the baby is infinitely stronger than me. Even if I have more experience, if I have a better mastery over my soul, it's still impossible for me to fight something so strong that I can't even graze it. Its soul would probably crush mine just by sneezing. I can't just take over something like that.

Oh wait, I just got an idea. An incredible, excellent idea!

But first, I must get rid of my pursuer.

Fuck you're annoying, let's just do some quick stuff to get rid of you.

I cut one of my arms.

Just have to take advantage of the many rocks in this flat desert to do a substitution.

When his view is cut by a rock, I throw my arm and get into the ground.

Now I just shape my arm to my current body, and in order to get him to follow my soul, I cut up a part of my soul to place it in it. It's pretty easy to do for a being that conquered several universes and overcame human limitations long ago such as myself.

Though, I can't tell what will happen to the new me.

The soul fragment is not strong enough to survive and do the same strategy than me, -after all, it would be terrible if an infinite number of Moar came out of the desert-, but I can't tell how that creature eats. Seeing how it's chasing souls and not bodies, my guess is that it's eating souls. But what parts of a soul are its nutrients? I can pretty much consider that it's not memories, seeing how more than 2 seconds after throwing my arm, it's not back for me. It would be much more intelligent if it ate memories too.

So, for my idea…


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