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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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49 Fantastic OR Dazzling

A/N: I know that "center universe" is grammatically wrong and that it should be "central universe", but it was named quite long ago and changing it now would be as wrong as keeping it. I'll change it if I ever edit the previous chapters.

So, for my idea…

If you're wondering what is my incredible, excellent, fantastic, gorgeous, extraordinary, grand, impressive, superb, dazzling, splendid, beautiful, sumptuous idea, here it is!

So basically, if even a baby's defenses are too strong for me, then I just need to take over an older one!

Wait wait! So you can understand, I need to explain.

The beings in this world are born extremely strong, but they are not conscious of how exceptional their strength is, so they don't search how they can better use it, because to them it's normal. It's like how humans never train to use their brains because it is normal to have an intelligent brain to them.

Which is what makes them so weak to fake news.

Understand? I just need to make fake news for the kids of this world!

Just imagine if they were told they could do all kinds of incredible things even most adults can't do just by doing some training? Wouldn't some kid do it, even if their parents told them not to?

Here's my chance!

I just need to make them open their soul's defenses.

There are still a few problems, though. Taking over a soul is a lengthy process, and they are deemed to know what is happening. On top of that, the soul will have reflexive defensive moves. I can't handle a single reflexive move

So I need to make them used to having their soul penetrated.

Wait, Mr. Officer! I can explain! I'm not a pedophile, I'm just-

Anyway, jokes aside, I need to make them believe in a hypothetical training that would allow them to do awesome stuff.
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The best way to manipulate a kid without their parents noticing is to use dreams.

But how could I affect the dreams of a kid if I can't access to their soul, you ask?

Well, I just need the kid to accept readily and even subconsciously adopt an object that will access to his soul in my stead.

This object, as it is neutral, won't trigger anything, and it'll basically create the conditions for the kid to train himself to accept my soul imprint as a part of himself by himself. I know that's a lot of himself, but it's necessary to explain how I'll penetrate this kid's defenses: by not being a menace. At least, officially.

As for how I'll have the kid recognize the imprint as a part of himself, I'll have him grow a copy of my soul imprint inside himself each training.

Basically, the training method will be him unknowingly creating a copy of my soul imprint. The soul imprint does not contain any memories, and will, or anything, so it won't trigger secondary systems. His own soul will still reject it at first because it's not recognized as himself. As the soul imprint slowly is integrated as a part of himself, he'll feel like he's progressing, and eventually succeed. Once the soul imprint is not destroyed by his defense system, I'll still wait until I can confirm the soul imprint is not degraded slowly. To do that, I will have him continue for a while to strengthen the soul imprint. I will also have him use spells designed to only work with my soul imprint, so I can give him the carrot he's been following, and give him a reason to strengthen the soul imprint further.

Once the soul imprint is strong enough, to match mine, without triggering any defenses, I'll enter inside his soul during his sleep, and take over his body.

With that method, I could make him my believer, with my soul imprint as a beacon for the faith, and become a god of this universe, but that wouldn't be good.

I still need to have the foundation this world's creatures have, and for this, I need a body from this world.

And becoming a god of this world while this weak would make it easy for anyone, gods or not, to know where I became a god of this world, who I am, and a lot of other pieces of information.

Instead, I'll grow up as a kid of this universe, get much stronger, gather many kids around me, and then only rise as a god. You mustn't underestimate the power of a whole new generation. Though I would then be spotted, it would be too late for the gods who have to share the adults among themselves to fight me. And as I'll have trained the other kids to use my imprint, I will have these kids use my advanced spells with their ranks, which will make them not only strong even for higher rank adults, but also other vessels I can use if my body gets killed.

This is a perfect plan.

Even if the population of these humanoids in the center universe is pretty sparse, I'll still have an array of thousands, if not millions, of bodies to use as well as a faithful army totally dependent on me.

I'll replace the whole power system so it goes through my soul imprint, making the whole center universe a holy place for my own religion.


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