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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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50 A plan going as expected OR Is it even possible

A/N: People tend to write shorter chapters with time as writing gets more and more tiring, but it seems like I'm enjoying writing.

So first, I need to craft the object in question.

It's no really hard. The principle for it to work is basically to make several systems working together. Magic with items works like a machine.

The first system is a projection system. I need to have a soul imprint stored in it and project it inside the target's soul.

In order to project it, I need another system. A targeting system to pass to it the soul coordinates to project at.

You never know, the people of this world might have protections against these kinds of intrusions.

So, using the kid's closest soul imprint might not work.

If they stick the protection on the object, even using the specific instance of the kid's soul imprint that touched it the most might not work.

So, my theory is that if protection there is it doesn't want to bother the kid. For this reason, it's unlikely to be moving much.

So, I add four sub-systems. The first allows the object to know if it itself is moving, the second allows it to get all the soul imprints instances around it, the third gets the distance to the soul instances of the second, and finally the fourth loops the first three subsystems regularly and returns to the system the soul imprint instances of each soul imprint around it.

By using this, I'd be able to get a list including my target.
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By the way, did I tell what soul imprint instances were?

Well, when you copy a soul imprint, there is a certain percentage of error. It is usually negligible because most people who didn't study soul wouldn't see the difference. But I am literally someone who copied with 0% of error my own soul. Of course, I studied it enough to make sure there would be no error. Apart from making multiple checking loops in my spell, I also made sure to make it as precise as it needed to be.

But soul imprints are different. There is a law I discovered in the universe that makes two identical soul imprints impossible.

I call this soul imprint rejection. I observed three kinds of soul imprint rejection.

The first is when a soul is stronger than the other. Then, the weakest soul sees its soul imprint changing until it is different from the first.

The second is when both souls are equally strong. Then, they both see their soul imprints resonating until they are destroyed. Then, souls without soul imprints are basically what I'd call weirdos. They still function normally but they can't be identified. You also can't know of their existence unless they do something you can notice. It's a really weird phenomenon.

The third, finally, is when both souls are the same. Then, a specific part of the soul imprint changes. It works as an identification number, it's a discriminator. With that, you can identify soul imprints of the same soul. It's only natural I'd call soul imprints of the same soul "soul instance" isn't it.

Ok, now you know what soul imprint instances are, let's go back to our creation.

So now I have all the closest soul imprint instances, I need to identify the owner.

It's possible, even after excluding those that do not move, it's possible that the kid wouldn't be the average closest soul imprint instance to the object, after all, maybe they have whatever the center universe equivalent of rodents, insects, and acarids are.

If so, my goal will be to have a first feedback to identify with 100% certainty the kid in question.

To do this, I'll just have a small system that will take only once a discriminator as input, on the back of the object, so that I can myself add it just before selling it.

So now our targeting system has the discriminator as input and the list of the closest soul imprint instances.

Now, our targeting system has a last sub-system. This system compares the discriminator, which is used to test the soul imprints and their identification part. Like this, the targeting system can know which soul imprint instance around it matches the kid.

The only error possible would be mind, but as someone who is a specialist in souls, I won't mistake any protection the kid could have as his own soul.

So, when the projection system asks the targeting system for where to fire, the targeting system, can answer right.

I still add a sub-system to the projection system. It could be on the targeting system, but it would be harder for me to understand my own work, so I'll just put it there.

This sub-system checks if the target is actually sleeping.

Firing at a fixed time in their sleeping schedule could work, but it also could not work. And if it projects to someone who's not sleeping, it would be similar to going against the plan.

I can explain to you briefly how the projection system works, but I'm afraid it would be hard to understand for most people.

Basically, when you dream, you emit your dream in small parts just like a magnetic field, north to south, on the surface of your soul.

And only when these parts go back in your soul from the south pole do you dream of it.

But because it's divided into thousands, if not millions of parts, it's hard to order it, even less edit it.

Except most people don't think about something. If there is fusion later on, there must be a pattern followed.

To that end, I experimented for a very long time back then, and I found out how the dreams are reconstituted.

They do not arrive in a particular order.

They actually all have a discriminator, the same as soul imprint instances, which leads me to believe the universe has a basic numbering system that works with these discriminators and is more organized than most people would think possible. Once you get it, you can actually order them pretty easily.

There is a moment that we'll call x, where all the dream parts of what we'll call a frame are on the surface of the soul. That "frame" is actually constituted of sounds, sensations, visions, smells, tastes, feelings during a moment of the dream.

At that moment x, that frame is computed, and, after editing it, the modifications are projected on the soul of the target.

This is about there that I reached the limits of my engineering capabilities.

It's much too hard to create a machine capable of knowing what to edit in every single possible situation in a dream.

Artificial intelligence, though I have a bit of experience, is not my strongest field of study too.

So, I just cut another part of my soul and implemented it in the machine.

I believe I grew enough to know what my own interests are, so my soul fragment should do that work without betraying me because it knows that it'll eventually go back to me and that we both are the same so working for our common benefit is much better.

I give my soul fragment ways to eventually do some edits to the machine. Add some isolation to stop my soul fragment's waves to go out of the object.

I finish by adding a communication system just in case my other self needs to contact me.

The communication system basically uses soul resonance for communication. It can't emit from its own soul because it would be too obvious something is wrong with it. So, it just finds the closest strong soul waves around and creates very small and precise perturbations. These perturbations are carried over through other soul waves. They can go pretty far actually and are a good way to communicate. The perturbations, that were already small enough to be unnoticeable by most, tend to become smaller with distance, so except me, I don't think most can get them. Just to be sure, I made it so that soul perturbations are smaller when they go for a big soul wave because the owners of these soul waves have better capacity at detecting perturbations, they are not stronger for nothing, size does not equal insensitivity.

So now I finished the communication system, I just have to get this object in the kids' hands.


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