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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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51 Spatial fold theory OR Ambition

They actually don't discriminate against other sentients beings of law! I'm so happy their social structure is close enough to humans that they have open markets too. The way the market is organized is a bit harder to understand without a background in space law study, tho.

Basically, there are two ways to buy.

The first one is probably the equivalent to internet delivery I guess. The open market is a fold in space. That fold is constantly emitting waves. These waves are much bigger than my own and are sized as such to be read by anyone. There's probably also that no one in this world is precise enough to do something as fine as me. Anyway, these waves can be easily translated into their local language. One of the main advantages of being at my level is that we can understand all languages, as we mastered a law completely. These beings probably have a lot of local languages too, but because they are born with laws, they don't have any problem communicating, even with these waves. These waves can be considered to be a form of language created by someone. And because of that, any being of law level can understand it even without having ever heard about it.

Basically, most of these beings just transmit meanings over anything, because as long as they give a meaning to it, other beings of law would get it.

Once they got the list of items, they just have to send back any signal they think means an item and that item gets teleported out of the spatial fold directly to them. They pay their bill regularly instead of paying items one by one. It can be pretty impressive for newbies to see people sending a single wave and getting their corresponding items because their wave did not carry the same meaning for the beings of laws.

The second way is to actually enter the spatial fold. It's more rarely used except for families. Families have kids that do not master their own laws yet, even though they understood them naturally, and as such, if they want their kid to choose, they must either describe it to them, represent it to them in some way, or bring the kids before the objects. This is how I ended up selling my item in a spatial fold. Nothing except me and my object can be seen from a close point of view, yet many others aren't far. It might look like I'm sitting on nothing, but I'm actually sitting on space itself. The thing with space folding is that standard 3 dimensions view does not help much understanding how it works. I won't spend an entire day talking about it, but space folding is in 4 dimensions, except the 4th dimension is not time. Actually space folding creates its own dimension that is limited to its inside. That's using that dimension that the opacity and solidity of space are set. Basically, if you want to put a scale on it, we can have a percentage. The higher the percentage, the harder the space resistance. When the space resistance goes up, it becomes harder to get through that space. It includes you, light, and even law can be stopped at a certain level. The creator of that space fold let everyone influence that resistance to some point, giving us room to do about anything in our own selling space, as well as gaining a few millionths of a percent of understanding of the law of space. Of course, you can't hope to get out if you do anything to a client. To do these kind of space folds, you need a really high level of space law, at least 2%. But to these beings at the top of the entire multiverse, it seems like at least a few hundred mastered it.

Anyway, except not being caught selling a machine of my own creation to a kid, which isn't really hard seeing how all these strong beings lack of subtlety and technique, not being used to track or do small-scale operations, my main goal here is to find a kid to sell it to.
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Actually, I saw that kids in this world still have toys they dream of. If you can call these terrifying things toys. Anyway, I bought several of these with some laws I had in stock. I can't really sell weak laws because of how easy it is for these beings to get these laws. Medium-quality laws can't cut it unless they are 100% complete. And I definitely want to keep these. However, I can indeed sell high-quality laws in smaller percentages. I already had a few percent of understanding of some strong laws I wouldn't need, so I sold them. Then, in one of these toys I bought with my laws, I built my machine.

I will obviously at some point get some of those toys sold when the original creator sells out, so I don't need to worry too much. Especially when they still make their toys, which are really intricate, by hand with their level of precision. I can even select the kid I sell to that tampered with version.

Within an hour, Earth time, I had sold my toy to a little girl. I liked what I saw in her eyes. A mix of ambition, naivety, and arrogance. This is a very explosive mix, it'll end up making her very weak against my method. Not only will she be pushed to accept my offer due to her ambition and naivety, but she also won't even ask her parents' opinions. That's exactly what I need.


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