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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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52 The Seed

Hey! It's me, Moar, you favorite MC!

Well, more exactly, a soul fragment of Moar.

Remember how I placed a soul fragment in the machine I placed in the toy? Well I'm the soul fragment itself.

I've been given charge by myself to process and edit the dreams of the kid to match my objective.

Right now, the kid is sleeping, it's about time to edit her dreams. The conditions are much better than I expected. There are actually no defenses set against soul attacks. It means that this species, despite using souls at a surface level for basic communication and daily affairs, does not master the soul enough to have created ways to attack souls. Or at least ways precise enough to be used beyond the soul range. Or maybe they think the special isolation full of holes around them is enough to protect them.

Enough talk about the conditions, let's edit these dreams.

For my first dream edit, I'll just cut right into the dream, to make her think someone really powerful is communicating with her through her dreams. It's not wrong that I'm exactly doing that, but I'm using precision and technique, not overwhelming power.

Now I just need to pose as someone powerful who wants to take an apprentice, tell her she has a unique talent I've been searching for many years.

I'm counting on her pride to make sure she doesn't say anything to her parents. I also waited quite a while after she got the toy to act, so their parents wouldn't link it to anything even if she told it.

I still want to avoid her talking to her parents because it's still possible her pride isn't strong enough to disobey her parents when they forbid her to do anything.

As such, I just have to feed her pride and arrogance as much as possible while giving her reasons to not share anything to her parents. These reasons can come in many forms, but I think telling a reason such as most people would end up evil if they do not have her talent or something might be a great reason.

I decided that appearing in her dreams with an avatar was a very bad decision. If I am too old, it would be obvious I wouldn't be someone strong who would look young even at death's door. If I'm too young, I would look like a con-man.
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I'll only send informations in her dreams. This information will be that a very powerful and wise person who is also matching her ideal of a teacher is talking to her. By giving this informations, she won't be able to stop herself from believing in it, even if it's metadata. Because soul communication is such a thing that is felt, and not understood. She can't differentiate true from false information, because their species never reached this level of soul comprehension. They did not find it useful to research it, and now it became their biggest weakness. They trust the soul too much.

As I said when I designed the plan, the goal is to make the kid grow a copy of my soul imprint inside himself.

Growing a soul imprint and learning spells are actually two very different things, so I'll just cheat.

I'll have her grow what I'll call a seed first. It's an interface that transforms her power and what she wants to do with it into a spell. And that seed will get stronger the stronger the soul imprint is, because its input will be less limited. When it reaches 100%, it'll already mean the soul imprint is fully grown, and then she won't be able to do anything.

She'll have grown reliant upon my seed, which I can deactivate at will, and my soul imprint will have accustomed her soul's defenses to me, making me able to enter her just as easily as I breath, replacing her soul from the inside out.


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