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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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56 Slow and Steady

It looks like things are going well for my parents.

It's the second time we're eating this cycle.

We don't need food as inferior species do, but it is still satisfying.

However, because it's not a need, weaker people with less income tend to be unable to buy such luxuries.

If rich people can afford to pay the fee to sell their goods at a space pocket and most of the elites own their own space pockets, common people's income mainly depends on what they can contribute to society.

We don't need food, but because the strong owns everything, the weak need to sell their soul strength to pay for their right to subsist. Anyone without land is chased down and killed. With all the weak selling their soul strength away, the strong in turn use that soul strength as an effortless and bottomless energy-source.

Anyway, I should enjoy the food while it lasts.


It seems it worked.

My "disciple" was pretty gloomy lately, and I need her to be happy and confident.

So I hijacked a part of the energy supply in her region of this universe, which in turn caused a need and an increase of the price of soul strength. The price increase had more people see an opportunity and come to empty their soul strength in the system.

But what's important is that it was directly translated into a better financial situation for her weak family.

I can go into hiding and wait again.


I'm in my room, on a patch of soft space. I'm looking at the toy my parents bought me quite a few cycles ago.

They probably saved quite a bit of money to buy that.

It's part of the trap of being weak.

To get more soul strength, the strong need the weak to need money again, and for that, they have to create needs.

Entertainment, food, various items, land. All of these are things that are easy to get for them, but that the weak can't get.

Money is made by them to use the weak, but even if we know, there is nothing we can do about it. They can make as much money as they want, but we need it to live.

I thought strength when you are born was everything, but now I know it's no more than another lie by the strong to keep us weak.

That's why I decided I would get strong in any way possible.

I believe I am naturally strong and I want to find any way to be as strong as my natural potential allows me to.

If I knew of techniques before my master contacted me, I would have gone to contact the seller of the toy by myself. He used an incredibly few amounts of soul waves to communicate when we met him.

Fortunately, it's impossible.

I don't want to waste any of the strength I was born with.

My current master is much stronger, and its techniques are much stronger too. Much more fit for me.

It's actually been 10 cycles since my master contacted me for the first time. It's contacting me every 2 cycles to get news on my progress.

I still didn't figure out why would a strong teach the kid of weak ones.

In history, not a single strong died, so there should be no need for spare bodies. [1] The soul energy of weak ones do not increase with techniques, so there should be no need to teach them to make them better energy sources.

The only explanation is that there is a hidden reason that makes having a disciple necessary.

If it's none of the two first, there's no need to be worried. If the soul nor the body is needed, then nothing can be used. [2]

I feel something dripping on my lips. [3]

I suck it up.

My body cracks and I bleed through every orifice every time I build the technique. It's rare for beings of laws to bleed. It's a sign of laws leaking and is pretty dangerous.

But I don't care what happens to my body. As long as I keep the majority of my laws, I can get the laws back by taking the blood back and with a bit of time.

My body is reacting much more weakly lately. There is even a bit of the construction left in my soul after the waves, now. Every time I build it, it steadily grows hundredth by hundredth.

[1] You weren't far there... Too bad Moar isn't of the same species than you!

[2] That's a bit naive, anyone could use them as a source of faith. That's what Moar planned to do on all the others after all. You can even convert most feelings towards you into faith, even hate or fear, if you're good enough, so reverence is nothing hard to use as a foundation for faith.

[3] Humanoids, remember?


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