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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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1 Always wanting something OR how to fail your new life

I know, it's cliché, I know, it seems op. I'm like a mc in the Asian stories, like in a novel or an isekai, I find myself in another world. But unlike everyone, unlike some that revive, unlike the ones that just blink, the ones that wake up, the ones that are killed by God… I didn't do anything, I was talking, and… without any visible change, I kept talking… Except the ordinary citizen family I ended up with didn't understand anything to what I was saying… I was talking about porn so maybe it's even a good idea… but you know. When everyone knows the language of the world they came to, I don't know it. And instead to inherit of a newborn body, like some others who have to learn the local language, my body has barely 14 years. The age you can become apprentice, and the perfect age for the parents to think that their son is a total idiot! So I stayed at home, being unable to be an apprentice. After all, why even do a test to know if our son is magic, for being a mage you need to be intelligent no?

Thus, from a life of a math teacher to idiotic high school students, of a \"junk\" pathway, like we call them, I came to live a life of total idiot who don't even know how to speak…

It took me 4 years. For the parents of this body, it was a revelation: their son was intelligent!

After this, I have long tried to convince them to pay me a teacher for private lessons. Quickly, in the space of 2 years, I finished to learn all the history, geography, the behavior and the common knowledge that allow you to survive in this new universe.

I learned thus that it was the year 100 of the Merlin's calendar, that the city, filling all an island of 3000km wide, where I was being Nyggloth, a kingdom of which the capital became huge, able to fight the Empire.

The Empire, it's not complicated geographically: it's a power occupying almost a quarter of the world, and more than 60% of the global living area. Managed by the emperor, the most powerful mage of all times, filled with heroes (there's no need to remind their opness) and separated in various provinces all managed by gods.

When I'm talking about gods, I'm not talking about a title, it is the real children of the Creator of the world, Moth. The world has her name. Which make them totally op! On top of that, they're more than a thirty. But then, you will ask, why can Nyggloth compete with such a power? The answer of this question is very simple:

It's Merlin. Merlin, who have the same name that the one of the old European legends, is the son of Tul, and father of the Nyggloth technology.

To sum up, Tul betrayed Moth, whose she has almost equal in power, by creating the Beings. They are as powerful than a lower God, and they are billions. And, if you want my opinion, a lot better than the men made by Moth.

Well, the creation of life is the privilege of her mother, Moth. To avoid her wrath, she created an entire continent that she concealed to the others gods. Pained by the betrayal of her daughter, Moth is sleeping for 10,000 years now in the capital of the Empire.

And It happens that Nyggloth, the only kingdom that have not been absorbed by the empire, have as inhabitants the last humans worshipers of Tul. Found in the year 0, date of the creation of the Merlin's calendar, the Khan continent, \"Empty\". In fact, there was no one on this continent, skyscrapers, buildings, and even robots, from the few drawings of the old books. But no one, except Merlin. And Merlin is actually at the head of Nyggloth. Some says that he equals the power of his mother, and that this is why he kept in hold the more than 30 gods of the pantheon for 100 years…

But I'm rambling, let's come back to my life, I knew now the basis, but I wasn't willing to stop myself here, I wanted to go further, even with 6 years late, be one of these powerful and revered mages.

I passed the next years to learn magic. I found here a real talent: the magical theory (certainly because of my ancient digital life and my knowledge of mathematics). My theories were quickly spread all over Nyggloth. I become famous a bit before I had 25 years, the more powerful mages were reading my books with interest.

I set up a business that was working well, I was famous and popular.

But even then, even if they treated me like a genius, something was missing, something simple and essential: my magic affinity was, not only of a secondary element, but also of the weakest of all: the plant element. A lot of my theories were doomed to remain theories. And just for a bit of power, I'll tell you how I fucked up my new life.


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