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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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4 The bakery OR titanic mana far

I had a little problem. Of course the \"in doubt I take everything\" was the simplest way to do things, but it was even so difficult as fuck! There were still several hundreds of treasures…

At the end of an hour of reflections, I had a few solutions: teleport all the objects or find a way to stock them all. For the first, I'm far from having the mana, else I wouldn't had to ameliorate my magic capacities. For the second, it would need storage object, like a ring… But the most expensive that I can buy have a maximum size of 1m3. And I had nothing to increase it… I went back, a little disappointed, at the inn.

After some weeks of thinking and theory, I had found a way to increase the size of a spatial pocket! I'll spare you the calculations (that took 17 pages) and the procedure (3 pages). I couldn't increase it as it is, but I found a way to compress space at the moment I put the objects within.

After some preparations, I was again in front of the treasure room (once you have the technique, you can waltz in it as you please). I was in the room. The idea was to put all the objects at the same time, so I placed the ring at the middle of the room, and wrote a gigantic (in length) and extremely thin string of discretion and protection runes that spread on the entire walls, soil and ceiling of the room, just in case. I used my levitation to lift all the treasures and, after 2 or 3 minutes of incantations while barely catching my breath a few times, I put 15m3 of treasures by twisting the space in a 1m3 space. The problem when you try to do something, it's that everything is not always happening as you want.

That distortion of the space had unexpected repercussions: the ground started to shake, while the magic was concentrating in huge quantity in the region. The mana seemed to be attracted by the phenomenon, and the protection runes were about to break. At the moment the process finished, the space of the ring closed and the mana was brutally released. All that mana, before concentrated, was suddenly released, and such as a magic tsunami, destroyed everything that was in a ray of a kilometer around the room.

I picked up the ring and raised both arms to the sky:

-Well, Merlin, you wanted your morning bread? So here I come with the BAKERY!!!

I was quite pleased of me. I had to go, while I was in my euphoria I screamed a bit loud, and the mana caused a lot of damages, and was certainly thoroughly remarked. I had to go, NOW! I rushed to exit (I confess I could teleport but the room is at the first floor and the tavern was certainly destroyed, I didn't want to fall from high)!

-Hey you!

Shit, there was a hero at the doorstep.

-What did you do?

-Listen, we can come to an arrangement, can't we, I can explain everything to yo…

I was interrupted by a kick, and especially the cutting wind that came out of it! Oh fuck he wanted to kill me! I ran while holding my ring, as the place I was just a moment ago was now a crevasse.

And this is like that that I finished by being chased by a hero in the ruins of an Empire's city.

When I'm thinking about it, I had a fucking good luck that Vaal wasn't in his city at that moment…


And now, there I am passing all my time being bored as fuck, while digging a tunnel… To pass time, being originally a modern internet man (Homo Internet), I sing the famous song of the YogsCast:

-I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole! diggy diggy hole!*

That song fit in perfectly with my situation…

I start to feel cold, so I take advantage of it to start singing another song, with a slightly shrill voice (okay okay, a little a lot):

-La neige s'installe, doucement dans la nuit, la neige est reine, à son tour… Un royaume de solitude, ma place est…


-Libéréeeeee ! Délivréeeeeee ! Je ne mentirai plus jamaiiiiiiiisssss ! Libéréeeeeeee ! Délivréeeeeeeee ! C'est décidé je m'en vaiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss !**



This song is toxic…

This is a poison…

The more mortal poison I ever saw…


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