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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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7 Paperwork OR when your soul is too heavy

There you go! I'm there, in the Empire!

In fact it's false.

While I was gone, I had an enormous quantity of work that piled up on my desk. I manage an business, after all! And each day, I have about ten papers to fill in. And I was gone for 7 weeks. So I had 490 papers after going back! It's quite a hell of a pile of papers!

Because of that it's been 3 days (and a lot of breaks and medicines for headache) that I'm stuck here! But I'll soon finish it! I will have filled in a whole of 520 papers of official paperwork!

I look at my Excalibur, in a display case just next to my desk, and sigh of despondence…

Only some hours and I'll be able to go try Excalibur!

Well, I say Excalibur, but it's more of a private joke than anything else, I'll surely find a name when I'll be able to test its powers!


I finished!

I'll finally be able to go!

But before, I had some research and production of new clothes done by the R&D department of my company. Why research? Because the powers of Excalibur have large chances to damage (or even ruin) my clothes, I then need clothes able to resist to its power frequency (if they were indestructible it would be good, but someone have still to find how to do indestructible objects).


In my new outfit *, I fly to the Empire!

How? Not only I have all the affinities and I'm overflowing with magic, but mostly, my sword can fly!

I'm standing on the sword, and I fly at more than 200km/h in the direction of the mainland!


-Aaaah !

My sword with a wind magic cross his throat, and his scream become a gurgling.

-No! Bastard! You killed my friend!

My sword with a fire magic cross his skull, and his scream stop immediately.

One by one, I test all the close range skills of the sword.

-Stop attacking this poor people!

I turn my head to the right. A hero, and…

-It's you?

-It's you?

We shout at the same time. It's the hero who was chasing me 3 weeks and 2 days ago!

He looks at me, rage in his eyes, and is about to throw himself on me when I smile, my smile is giving him an ominous feeling.

-Too late, much too late!

I say.

Now, the reinforcement spells are of a level sufficiently inferior to mine that I don't need words anymore! I just need to want! But even if his hero instinct warned him, it's too late! In the space of some hundreth of a second), I move my right foot back, put my sword horizontally, and with an impetus of my foot that dig a crater and with a supersonic bang, I move at full speed toward him.

Whether it's him or me, none of us have time to react before my sword cut his right arm.

Beyond a certain speed, our brain is too slow…

And this is why the pain strike him while I'm already behind him! He escapes by running while throwing frequent looks behind him.

When I want to chase him, a pain is striking my arm, and I notice that it's broken. This is then that an essential question is crossing my mind: my magic is now of rank 5, but is the case of my body? It seems like it's weaker than my soul. I did right to not use high level magic, or I would probably have destroyed it…

I need with all urgency to find a way to improve my body!

In an instant, I decide what to do.

I give up my pursuit and I steer myself to the opposite direction: to Nyggloth !


While I was travelling, I was able to estimate the time I have left before my body disintegrate under the power of my soul which is of one year, a week and 6 days (which fall on December 25, 101, we are the Tuesday, December 12, 100)!

I'll then have a very happy Christmas (even if Christmas don't exist in this world)!


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