Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
8 One year without doing anything OR I’m finally dead hooray
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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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8 One year without doing anything OR I’m finally dead hooray

There you go! It's been a year! An entirely year to search for a solution!

And after numerous tries, I think I found one.

The only problem I have is that I only have 13 days left. And I need subjects to experiment my solution. After all, it needs my death, and is hence very dangerous…

Yes, I'm sure that my theory is right, but the problem is that it needs a great precision and that I'm not sure to be able to do it on my first try…

It's anyway problematic…

I have to find subjects!


I need them to be at least of rank 4…

A place where nobody would be mad at me if I take so mages of high rank as guinea pigs…

Or people that wouldn't be madder at me…



-I knows! The Empire! Let's go capture inhabitants of the Empire!


I'm on my way to the Empire, and I'm taking an interest for what happened while I was in seclusion, while I'm at it.

The god Laav joined the side of Nyggloth, nobody knows what Merlin promised to him to make him change side. In any case it is strange that he leaves his twin-brother Vaal. He even launched attacks on different cities of the Empire before leaving!

And also…

-Ha Ha Ha!

I laugh a lot!

-So just after my departure the Empire tried to do a sneak attack on Nyggloth?

What is making me laughing isn't the attack, it's the way they did it!

They thought they stole a technology, but it was just what Merlin wanted to give them! They crafted mechas* without thinking nor verifying the plans! And not only some tens, they crafted a mecha per person for a gigantic army of 75 million of soldiers!

And nobody was able to fight! The mechas have an auto destruction system!

-Ha Ha Ha!

I don't know for you, but I find it funny as fuck, personally!

In any case it was worth a shot to live until now only for that!

I would have preferred the opposite, but the emperor and a handful of soldiers survived…

But anyway it made the headlines, and there is even some people who want to make it a National Day!

This story is funny, but it also marked the start of the second great war, which is excellent news for me: The Empire lost his biggest army.


Well, I have good news and bad news…

The good one is that I have guinea pigs.

The bad one is that I have a God on my heels.

When I say a God, I'm not talking about a lesser god, I'm talking about one of the originals, one of the children of Moth…

It's not Vit, the goddess of beauty, she's too much of a snob to chase anyone…

It's not Prat either, are you able to imagine the god of strategy chasing anyone without a strategy? Not me…

It's Vaal, even if he's affected by the betrayal of his brother, he's still true to himself and is facing the hardness of the life with courage, a bit too much for me by the way, I would have preferred that he stays lock up…

Anyway, with Tul, the mother of Merlin, who's nowhere to be seen, and Laav who betrayed, there is only 3 gods of the original pantheon in the Empire.

Laav's city is still existing, but have been renamed from Vindi Laav (Laav the divine) to Nartrash Laav (Laav the traitor).

While I was thinking, Vaal wasn't motionless.

And when I stop thinking, I notice a shadow above me…

This shadow is the God himself!

I dash right while using my sword as a shield!

He punches the floor where I was standing a second ago. He is about fifty meters from me (the high rank fights are quick) but his aura itself is sufficient to burn my skin on all the left part of my body, despite the protection of my magic!

I realize with a shiver that I underestimated the gods!

Even after 1 year to reinforce my body until the rank 4 (which is insufficient to save my body, but sufficient to make it able to touch lava without being damaged), he was able to burn me severely just by releasing his control on his aura! If my body was a rank below, as last year, I would be dead at the time!

I turn my head in his direction, and I know he'll attack me, my muscles are petrifying and I only have one thought left in my brain!

I know I'll die, my brain is functioning but my body is too weakened by his aura, and I only have one thing left! I need to do THAT!

I use what is remaining of my mental strength to move my body in a way to be killed without losing my soul.

Fortunately, Vaal is someone you can trust, when he charges, he continues straight ahead, so I can deduct from his position where he will strike to kill me. I had a good luck to run into the most direct God of all!

He is indeed moving very quickly, before I had time to see him moving, his hand get through my body, literally.

I suffer, but I smile. My plan worked! His hand ejected what I called the Moar point: a place where all your magic, your memory, your personality, what is making your soul, is in a way stored starting from rank 4.

And this is that point that was ejected by the God. But that, he didn't notice it.

He also couldn't see my smile, I didn't really smile, my body is officially dead, but my point is not dead at the same time! It has been separated from the body before the death of it! Being not affected anymore by the body, the point, now independent, is free from any shackles.

But this form is the source of two problems: as a fan of Chinese webnovels, I decided to take aim at immortality, and physical or not, my body have a limited life span. Furthermore, I'm invisible (not that it's not practical sometimes… Ow! Don't hit me, we all have perverse thoughts!), I then can't interact with people that aren't mage (so I can't interact with my family too), and as I don't have any physical body, I can only interact with the world by magic, which is not practical at all!

Which is why I found a way to reincarnate myself!

I won't use any spell, it would be too complex and would consume too much magic, and I don't have any artifacts with me… So let's forget flashy things, I have a method that is working well:

Taking the place of the soul of a baby before his birth!

And I intend to put my plan into operation!

I like Nyggloth, but they have advanced ways to stop this kind of contamination, so I have to birth in the Empire, and in the wealthier family I can!

And I heard that one of the woman of the harem of the emperor is pregnant!

Let's go!

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