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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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57 A change of plan OR CIJ

Hey, Moar B here!

Her soul was sufficiently opened for me to read her thoughts when she was thinking about my intentions.

Hey, don't look at me like that. She may be weakened and her body might reject less my soul imprint, but it's not my fault if she thought about it at that timing.

Anyway, it gave me an idea I'm gonna send to my main body, it might be applied to the other two too.


-Hey man!

-Hey man!

-She still doesn't understand shit, let's have her do all the job, others included.

-Pure genius, let's just do that!



It's so fucking pleasant to talk to yourself! Straight to the point, no misunderstanding! You just need to send key points.

Just in case I forgot to tell you, I had two other "disciples". I mean it just doesn't feel right to bet my multiverse domination on a single horse. I still stopped at 3 disciples, because splitting my soul too much would lead to a big problem. I decide which soul is my main depending on soul strength and usefulness. In my main body, my soul has soul strength but its only use is as a backup. The souls I fragmented off myself to make my disciples have more use, but not much soul strength. If I weaken the soul strength of my main body's soul too much, then I would have to choose the main soul among all the other souls of equal value which would make my coordination with myself really chaotic.


I'm myself, so I don't really need to synchronize my story much with the others me.

So here is what I'll tell her next time I send her a soul wave.

I'll just send all of it in a single soul wave. It's gonna be even more impressive than anything she ever experienced before, and it's gonna let her no choice but to trust what I say because if she doesn't, she believes she won't survive.

It'll be something along these lines:

"I want you to create a religion around you. You'll stop at nothing to get as much faith as you can. In return for teaching you, you'll send me 90% of the generated faith. If you do well I'll reduce the percentage." I don't want her to harbor thoughts of betrayal after all. It wouldn't be worth it. It'll 100% mislead her to believe this is my main purpose.

To that, in the same soul wave, I'll bind:

"I'll make you an object and you'll use it as a vector of religion from you to me. You keep it with you at all times. I'll monitor you through it, if I ever see you showing any sign of betraying me, I'll kill you."

It'll make her keep it with her at all times, which makes sure I can continue to monitor her thoughts. And it's gonna be a teddy bear! Why a teddy bear? What's cuter than a kid with a toy with her all day. It's like the epitome of kawaiiness.

She doesn't know what a teddy bear is, so I just can let my otaku nature seep out.

On top of that, with what I'll have her do, she'll be midway between a certain german leader \u0026 Jesus, which makes it even cuter. [1]

[1] don't know if I'll get flagged if I write the name of the "certain german leader", there was a time in webnovel when even writing "fuck" was flagging your chapter as needed to be reviewed and blocked your account from publishing until the moderators were finished. I don't know how much looser they got over the two last years. As for the part about it being cute. Shut up we all have our own definition of cute ok.


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