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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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58 The Path To Godhood.

A/N: Originally I intended to not reveal the plan before things happened, but in the end because of my publishing rate it would feel like some random happening even if there was a bit of foreshadowing before. And anyway, I figured out whether or not my readers notice the foreshadowing, the result would be the same, so might as well explain (and my readers are probably not dumbasses who don't get foreshadowing if they exist so it defeats the purpose of foreshadowing).

I'm going to make a last tool. I'm gonna grow it up in a special way.

If any of the three get caught, there's a possibility of someone linking it to its latest object they got, finding out about how it got its system. I'd then be unable to use markets because they would probably be trapped or under surveillance.

Once the markets are out, if the three get caught, my plan is finished.

So before the plan gets compromised, I want to make a last subject to use as a backup body. It will follow the original path than the three others were supposed to follow. I'll just give him a few extra courses on mastering his seed. By doing that, I'll ensure a backup body and, if the three other ends up in a stalemate, I can send it to do some sorting, to see if any of them improved their technique fighting each other. As soon as I did, if one of the four has more potential, then I'll possess it, brainwash all the followers of the three original and get working on my religion.

[Subject C]

One cycle, I entered my room and it was here.

I pick up the teddy bear.

There are some slight residual soul waves emanating from it. I can barely feel it, and that's after getting used to working on a precise scale by constructing the technique.

Is it a test? Did my master really think I wouldn't be able to find out?

It's waning pretty quickly, so I empress to read it.

I can't understand it.

My seed seems to vibrate. That's what I was told the core of the technique is called.

It doesn't have any power centered around perception, but maybe if it vibrates... Let's try it.

I can't use an alternative force, because soul waves do not go back as they leave, they go straight back.

But it just means the going back part is not needed for comprehension, because it would be the same soul wave with or without.

Let's just do a straight force of appropriate speed.

Due to the vibration of the seed, the straight line of the force became wavy, reproducing a soul wave.

It means that this is the original wave imbued with meaning. Master sent a wave through his seed, converted the vibrations in a soul wave without meaning, then only created a wave strong enough to let a residual wave for a long time after being gone.

It means that this is a communication method that can only be understood by those who have the seed.

Anyway, I understood the message.

My alias for my mission shall be Sofia because it's kawaii.

What does kawaii mean? Is it a code? It was not imbued with a meaning, so it should have some sort of use.


I tried everything I could think of, it seems I can't find the meaning of kawaii.

I'll give up for now and think about it later.


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