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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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63 Racing for the average? Do they?


So it was her.

There is no need to act like others.

From the start, the personality I showed was strong. I shouldn't act terrified.

The personality gap would give me away.

I look at my followers. They are terrified. It looks like they don't need to act.

Without acting, we will look much more genuine.

I send a few direct waves to my followers. My mouth instead says words of comfort, to avoid them reacting to something undetectable to others.

-The hairclip girl, what was her name?

They quickly get better. The reason though is different from what it looks like.

Only I can see the devotion in their eyes.

It indeed is stronger than their fear. I can only congratulate myself for thinking of using the desperate.



Now is finally time for their first "day" of school. It might be interesting what their strategies will be...

The bell rings.

Of course, they aren't among the first students to leave the dormitory.

The first to leave are a few students.

They know that if conditions were set, the challenge must be harder than expected. Then, leaving first would make sure they arrived on time.


Leaving now?

And with all your followers?

Interesting indeed...


Everyone of Master's students expects each other to leave neither early nor late.

Then I just have to leave early.

I'll follow the sacrificial pawns.


Leaving now without knowing of the challenge is suicidal.

I have an important source of information right now, I'll just stay there all day and wait to know about everything here.

It might seem like one must keep as many points as one wants, but actually, every point down to -9 is not important.

They are resources to be spent.


He's not leaving?

Someone else, if not every other seed owner except him, know I have a seed.

If I'm already identified, then I'll just have to do what I have to do.

If he doesn't see it, I'll use the seed all the way to the top.

He's the confident type, he won't believe anyone else than me, that he asserted himself, which is why it's not important if anyone else knows at that point.

On the opposite, I can freely act while others can't. As for those without a seed, in order to not look like I'm linked to the director who blocked most of their power, I'll just disguise my use of the seed through a seemingly powerful body.

I'll just bring my own faction up, accumulate points, and tell him we didn't succeed.

People will join my faction to get points, then I won't ever let them be able to leave it.

I have 9 cycles for this.

I leave the dormitory with my current faction, those I befriended through exposing my family name. Then, just by being nice to them, their image of me was grand enough for my faction to be born.


We're following the pawns.

Why pawns? Because they are those who will suffer from all the traps first.

There was nothing on the first floor.

The pawns are getting relaxed.

It shouldn't be long before it happens.

[A pawn]

I don't understand why this happened.

Nothing happened when we reached the first floor.

We just relaxed for a second, and then...

The floor became a mouth that suddenly closed on all my companions.

My friend pushed me out of the floor and I only lost my right leg, but if I wasn't I would already...

I look at the "floor" moving its mouth satisfactorily on its lips, burping with satisfaction, while crying of terror.

The floor got back to a normal appearance.

A second later, I see a girl jumping right on it.

The floor suddenly opens its mouth, just like before.

Before I could even say a word of warning or close my eyes, in an instant, the living floor is crushed into a flat surface.

A hand is stretched towards me.

The girl asks me:

-Are you ok?


I feel what's happening to the pawns through the wall using my seed.

Now is the time to...

I see Anna jumping right onto the occasion.

Getting despaired followers... This is my territory...

So it is a war you want.

War you will get...


We're on the last floor.

Everything has been going too smoothly.

Even though I've been front-running all the time, the floors didn't get any harder yet.

Something is strange.

This floor was the same again.

A mouth.

I use the same move as I used every floor up to now.

I let out short-range forces from my feet, looking like an extremely powerful kick.


I've been waiting for that moment!

She's distracted.

I've been listing out all these forces, now I'll cancel them out using opposite forces.

She won't have time to correct herself.


That's bad!

I've been getting much closer, a few centimeters apart, yet nothing is happening yet.

I'll act a jump back!

I create a strong force pushing me behind while moving my legs.


And here is the time to keep you there!

You might have kept the seed, but you didn't keep anything else, you're as weak as a being without seed right now!

Die or reveal yourself, you have no choice!


I have no time, I let out a strong force wave directly from my seed. I have no time to disguise it.

The mouth directly implodes.



The bell rings.

We already reached the top floor a while ago.

The floors were restored quickly behind us, so except the group behind us, no one made it out to the top floor.


Everyone! This is the end of the first day.

Today was the first day, so everyone's task will be to get back down to the dormitory.

Those who succeeded today are...


Everyone started going back down.

I didn't intend to announce the names at first, but of course, I'd make things more interesting if it was boring.


I'll have to find some excuse for why I've finished the task on the first day.

I will tell him the other finished first.

If I reverse the story, I was following closely behind her and she was the one who had a strangely strong power to go through the floors.

I'll keep the power as purely physical to be able to run free.

It's going to make him cautious, which means he'll wait for a few more cycles to ensure it is the seed and not an actual physical power he didn't know of.


Did you think I would believe in your lie?

I've been using small alternative forces all the way through the building to know what was happening all that time.

I could believe in abnormal body strength and constitution, but using the seed at distance?

There is no such thing as long-range fighting without soul strength. Unless you have a seed.

I was so sure she had no seed... I was outwitted.

It seems I'll need to be more careful in the future.

She probably knows I have a seed already.

I'll just acknowledge it as fake information. She might still be useful as long as she believes I'm under her thumb.



A/N: I'm sorry I didn't finish my chapter in time, so as a bonus, I added a full explanation of DarkSasuke's method.

Usually, I wouldn't explain and let the reader deduce it themselves or believe me when I tell them it's all according to what you can do with the seed.

But if I spent additional time writing the chapter, I might as well write an explanation.

Now you know what happens in my mind every time I write an use for the seed. I just imagine how it could be consistent with the system.

I guess it's again something that shows how much I like magic theory.

Of course, I wrote my MC to be myself on a magic-theory side, so he gets how DarkSasuke uses the seed in the story too.


Hey everyone! It's your favorite MC here to break the 4th wall again.

Today, I'll explain to you how to use small alternative forces to know what's happening!

When you send a small alternative force, you have a base consumption of power, which is what it would consume in a standard environment (here DarkSasuke can calculate it by using a reference of 1 meter of air).

Then he can calculate the difference of consumption with a floor, by using something close he can assert too.

That difference of consumption is what's needed by the seed to keep the exact same force going on. Because the matter the force goes through reduces that force.

Once you estimated that, you send several forces in the general direction, of different lengths.

Each time a force comes back, you get a bunch of consumption differences.

To get these differences, you need a very good brain or a central thought processing unit in your soul, as center beings do.

You're then able to calculate things and store and get memories really fast.

One difference is the length of the alternative force, the other is the matter it goes through.

Once you know that, you can just calculate out the matter it goes through that you know of, such as each floor (it's at a regular distance, with a regular matter, he can calculate it using the data he has).

Using the different lengths of alternative forces sent in the same direction, you can estimate the raw distance of irregular matter: the matter you didn't calculate to be there, which are other students and their clothes, equipment, etc.

Of course, at first, you'd also get the floor monsters, but because they are the same on every floor and act the same way every time they move, you can calculate them out after a few floors.

To increase precision, you can just send more alternative forces for each individual direction.

To increase the definition, you can just have smaller variations between directions.

With this data, you could actually render a certain number of images per second at each update, but center beings are used to using soul waves in the same way, so they don't need to render it.

To increase the frequency you can calculate out, you just need to increase the speed of the alternative forces.

As you need to send alternatives forces at the right time to have consistent imaging, you need to have consistent timing too (a shorter force needs to be sent later because it reaches its apex earlier, every force needs to reach its apex at the same time).

Once you calculated this timing, it makes a consistent cycle, so by accelerating the speed, you reduce the delay between when you send each force, and so can make faster cycles more often.

Of course, DarkSasuke can't send an infinite number of alternative forces at the same time, so to increase the definition, frequency, and precision, he actually reduces the scale, by looking at a smaller angle or not sending forces that are too far from what he wants to see (such as only sending 998 to 1002 meters long alternative forces when he looks at something 1 km away).


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