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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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64 The End Of One, The Start Of Many


I'm leaving the room where he stays.


He didn't believe in what I said.

If he's so distrustful of me already, it might be problematic in the future.

If I want to convince him, I must show it to him. I can't fake her using the seed without using the seed, so I'll force her to admit being a seed owner, even if she isn't.



Did she find out I have a seed?

No, there should be no way. It must be a coincidence.

But why would she do this now then?

Taking hostage one of my followers and threatening me with it.

We're the only two who got to the top, she must want to use me as a scapegoat.

Then it won't be hard, before I reach the meeting point, I'll pass by the one she works for. I saw what room she entered in after going back down, she quickly got out of it too. The person must be there.

I just need to coax him to follow me.

I pass by his room and say, sufficiently strong so he hears it.

-Anna, why?

I'll kill a bird with two stones. I'll bust Anna and I might know who is the third one.

I'll still be careful of a fourth or a fifth one, but as long as I know without revealing myself it'll be a perfect fit for me.



-Here you are.

I say.

-Give me back my friend!

Almost crying, says the girl. Sofia, was it? She'll be perfect for this.

-I'll give him back to you, in exchange, I want you to do a short act with me.

-I'll do it, I'll do it. So be sure to let him go!


My poor acting usually wouldn't hide anything, but I'm not lying.

I've been calling my followers my friends in public, so I'm used to associating them with the word "friend" even if they are not, and I both want to get my follower back and act along with her.

It's perfect.

Now that the spiderweb is laid, I just need to wait for the fly to come on its own accord.

[A/N: they do not know of spiders, but how cool is that metaphor, really. I didn't create a bestiary for this universe as I focused on the main species so I had nothing to make a metaphor out of]


-So when I ask you how you climbed the tower, you'll say "As a seed owner, it'd be a shame to not do so", I'll answer with questions and you'll end the conversation. I'll free your friend once you acted your part.


-I've heard enough.

I could wait for this farce to play out but I've seen everything there is to see.

I stop hiding myself and look at Sofia.

-You can leave, you'll get your friend back.

She nods her heads and runs away.


He didn't suspect me one bit, and I got everything I wanted to get, it's perfect!

It's a good thing he stopped it early. If he waited until I had to play out the act before his room or wherever Anna planned to, it would be possible to notice I would be telling the truth when saying I have a seed.

The way he hid though proves he is way stronger than me.

It'll be more troublesome than I thought.


I throw a ferocious look at the stunned Anna.

-So you thought you could mislead me with an act?


I take a step back, ready to fight for my life.

-I'll let you off the hook for now, go free her friend and I'll let you live


I leave as fast as I can.

He totally won't let me live.


As if I'd let you live.


Him killing her wasn't a problem originally but it might be now.

I might not be able to kill him later, even with my followers. They are exposed so if he survives my assassination attempt, he will come for me.

I hold my teddy bear stronger.

I'll need many more followers.


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