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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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67 The birth of the student council.

A/N: Would like to address what could be seen as a plot-hole: the smiles \u0026 facial expressions. What should be understood is that they are not really showing off. The center universe's beings all have various facial expressions. I avoid describing them because they are a bit different from human society's ones and it would take a whole chapter to explain them all. In a short version, they don't have many facial expressions anymore, as they didn't need it when they had soul waves. It's a vestige from their evolution, dating back to when their civilization was weaker before they acquired laws at birth. Among what's left of their facial expressions, the different types of smiles stayed, as they still convey a lot of meaning while being as easy to detect as variations in soul waves. Our main characters this arc are all very observant people, and as such, they can read each other's expressions through experience. It's not something that happened instantly as soon as I needed it (remember when Sofia was looking for her first follower at the start of the arc?). They are however not used to hiding their own, which is why they often unwillingly let out facial expressions. I wouldn't need to address it if I published more chapters, but because there is so much time between each chapter, you readers could forget about the first few times facial expressions appeared in the arc.


Should I feel offended?

I did my best ominous bad guy smile, he reacted as he should, and yet it also seems like he didn't know about that smile. He didn't react for the good reason.

Wasn't smiling ALL you all did during that fucking fight?

Weren't you all smiling on different occasions?

Then why, as the main character, can't I smile a bit?

Why is my fate so tragic?

Am I doomed to never be understood?

Anyway, it should be time for things to get interesting.

Today is "day two" of school.

Technically each "school day" is about a cycle (11.5 days), corresponding to their sleeping schedule, but classes per se are only a small cycle (28 hours), which lets a lot of time for interesting things to happen. But of course, depending of what mission I give them to complete after going up the class building, I can extend this duration at will.

Anyway, today, these three are leading all the students all the way up the building.


If we take a proactive approach and reveal ourselves, it will force any potential enemy to lay low or sneak attack us when we're alone.

Of course, we "voted". Though Anna counts as my vote too.

This fact was hidden from DarkSasuke, but it allows me to manipulate the group to my will.

I won't restrain Anna too much on less important matters. After all, not only would it expose this fact and destroy the alliance, but it would give her a chance to notice that there is nothing I can do to her with that piece of soul.

If I restrain her too much, she might unwillingly go against my will and discover the trick.

It's too bad she always has a seed, or I would have taught her mine. I could have then brainwashed her easily.


Once we showed off our power, we will announce to all that we are taking the leadership of the student body.

No one will object to it, except maybe our enemies.

Then, if they are to duel me, they will die.

To avoid scaring them out of it, I showed a slightly weaker power than the other two.

At least, that's the group's plan.

As for my plan...


Acting shameful, I push one of Anna's close supporters to death.

To me, looking to be the weaker part of the group is perfect!

I long noticed something was wrong with Anna and Sofia's relationship.

They are way too close.

Maybe she feels grateful for being saved or maybe they have been on the same side for much longer, and the whole fighting each other was an act to lure me into a trap.

No matter what it is, it's what it looks to be on the outside that counts.

Sofia always had two close friends. But they always followed her, akin to servants. Now I understand these are her followers, but on the outside, there is doubt on whether they are her friends or her servants.

Now, what would happen if Sofia suddenly declared she had two other new friends, and one of them suddenly got rid of someone close to Anna? With such an unwilling face too?

It would look like I was forced by Sofia, right? Then wouldn't Anna be coerced into Sofia's "friend" too? But they couldn't exclude the possibility of Anna being the cause too. Weren't her and Sofia's strength the same?

Now that I thoroughly tarnished their reputation, it would be much harder for them to be trusted by students, and as such get followers.

As for me, I can just use the excuse of creating a Resistance to teach them my "secret technique".

Anna might still be able to get some, but for Sofia it is now impossible.



We arrived on the top of the school building.

The self-designated school-head is here again.

-Today, everyone succeeded to go to class under the leadership of strong individuals! As such, I nominate these individuals: Sofia, Anna, DarkSasuke, to be the student council.

I don't know what is a student council, but this is definitely a position of authority.

The problem is that instead of nominating ourselves, we are nominated by a superior, evil authority. This kills the entire purpose of our actions.

Thinking back, that might actually be useful.

I turn back, looking at all the students.

It might better to fly a bit to be seen by all. I want to see all of their faces too.

I use a physical force on my body, floating.

-So you've all heard him, we are the student council from now on. I expect a lot of you all!

I always dreamt of being the strong, and here I am now! Standing before a crowd of low-lives.

I'm ecstatic.


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