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Author :Forsaken1
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3 Mary

Kaylah recalled, how simple it was to arrive here. She burst open an antique lock by the rear exit, closed it back up and entered.


A servant rushed towards, and shouted, "Master, we have an intruder!"

Her master slammed her wooden desk and asked, "What do you mean?"

The attendant looked fearfully at her master, and said: "She is just using the bathhouse, I suspect the mob seeks her."

The master grabbed her chin and thought "Hmm, to enter this place randomly, young lady you are lucky." "As always those that enter and seek safe harbor, will not be disturbed prepare the troops should we need them."

"Yes, my lady!"

"I wish to speak to this girl."

"Of course."


Kaylah saw the new bathhouse and was stunned the floor and shower head dividers were made of marble, the fabric was a nice pure white, it all screamed high class. She strolled gently to the sprinkle and allowed the temperate water to fall on her body. Taking careful notice not to influence the burns that developed around her body, Kaylahs face showed a sense of relief.

She was smirking a little, a smirk with a somber side to it, the smirk of a young woman determined not to break down. A strange woman in her early twenties approached, Kaylah wondered how can a woman be so attractive.

"Hello, Kaylah."

"I seem to be at a loss," she countered.

"You may address me as Mary."

"The commander of the Snowflakes?"

"You mean the police force, we should talk little girl; you broke into a building."

Kaylah had shot Mary an annoyed stare, but a laugh was the reply.

"Don't worry little girl answer my questions, and I will not arrest you. I can even get you past that mob, should the information prove compelling."

"So… the carrot and the stick," she replied. After taking a deep breath, she let it all out in one heavy exhale.

"I speculate a woman called Valentina Grayson is my mom, and that she bears a connection to my fathers' murder."

"They killed him?"

Kaylah started shaking tears began to roll from her cheeks to her chins, only to it the floor. Mary looked at Kaylah and felt stupid this girl did not yet have time to greave. Kaylah was too sad to cry out or wail; she stood there as the magnitude of her loss overcame her.

Mary looked at Kaylah, and regret washed over her, how could she have used that line of questioning?

"You will be escorted to an area of your desire."

"What can you tell me about Valentina Grayson?" Kaylah responded.

"That if you wish to live with your smarts you should be fine, but risk playing with her will get you killed."

"Can you lend me some attire?"

"Make her a decent go-bag, men."

Kaylah forcibly smiled and said, "Thank you."

I will prepare "The ID in the package; it should be good in the slums, if you work for me, I will get you a proper one."

"Will you help me deal with Valentina?"

"I won't speak for the rest of the force, but I wish to see her behind bars."


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