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4 Getaway
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Author :Forsaken1
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4 Getaway

"Mary, I am useless to you."

"Only for now."

Kaylah gave Mary a bewitching smile and said, "I hope we can work together."

Mary sighed as she spoke, "I truly wish we could work together."

"So, do I, but as I appear now. I would bring you harm, in a few years we will bring in Valentina and have her answer for her crimes."

"Farewell Kaylah, I hope you decide on the right path."

"I hope so too."


They handed Kaylah the Go-Bag, as she headed towards the restroom.

Kaylah opened the bag which contained cash, a few wigs, and two dresses and a few more needed items. Kaylah braided her hair, and placed it under a wig cap, instantly becoming a blonde woman, she stuffed her new bra becoming a C cup. She had hidden in plain sight and put on some red lipstick.

Finally, Kaylah could walk outside, in peace she looked towards the sun and absorbed its rays. She headed towards the marketplace, acting like a princess on a shopping spree, but was always looking at mirrors. After making sure they did not follow her, she headed towards her hideout.

They built Kaylah's hideout for isolation, once she entered, she would not leave for two years. Scared she would go insane, Kaylah craved lazy day.

She wanted to live out all of her dreams. She rushed towards a candy store and saw the new Hershey's milk candy bar and knew she had to eat one. Calmly walking towards the register, she paid for it and slowly tore open the packaging, as if the savor even the sounds it made as the brown bar entered her sight.

The wonderful smile on her face caused the nearby people to wonder about the background of this princess.

Kaylah suddenly realized, she did not know the right way to eat this candy. She wanted this moment to be perfect, so she embarrassingly asked the store clerk the best way to eat this candy. The attendant smiled and said, "Everyone has slightly different methods, but I think you show just bite into it and chew it slightly and allow it to melt in your mouth."

"Thank you, I will!"

Kaylah bit into the bar, and would burn this taste into her heart, how is this so sweet? Why does it feel like I'm being drugged?

She rushed toward the clerk and said: "You drugged me!"

"Your wrong girly, that candy is worse than a drug."

Kaylah understood, "that heaven was contained in that bar, and said, 'I'm sorry."

She tried to act embarrassed, but could not hide her joy as she bit into the bar again, as she thought "it is worse than a drug."

She then walked towards, a newsstand and read about recent events, and inventions. She read about how Campbell's soup won a gold medal, and about Chicago's fancy new sewage system.

Kaylah teared up as her final day before isolation was nearly over, it was time to get to work.


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