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5 Kaylahs“ Perseverance
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Author :Forsaken1
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5 Kaylahs“ Perseverance

Walking around her new environment, Kaylah headed towards an assistant. The custodian glanced at Kaylah while hammering away at his brass register. Kaylahs' image at this location was odd; she was overdressed.

After waiting in line, she approached the servant. Whose hands were shaking and words were louder than normal. Kaylah tilted her head, and asked the lady, for an apartment, and turned over a $10 bill. She inquired if room 103 was available. The attendant responded "yes!"

It thrilled Kaylah because it would be easier to sneak into the basement from the first floor. This was still the place her dad took her to when presenting this refuge to her.

Suddenly, a guy shuffled towards Kaylah and said, howdy pretty lady. Only to hear the reply, "I am only 15."

"Don't you fret about that girly, I will be courteous."

Kaylah played along and responded, "I am not cheap."

The middle-aged man took out a $20 bill.

Kaylah smiled and answered, "Come this way, we have to perform this quickly I have another patient coming shortly."

"What a vixen," the man replied.

"We only have a moment now, hurry and remove your clothes."

Kaylah took off her clothing and glanced at the man with a grin.

The man studied at Kaylah and gulped.

Kaylah made a rope with her dress wrapped it around her head and said: "You belong on the other side of this loop."

The man said, "call me daddy."

An evil grin was on Kaylah's face as she said, "Come here daddy, I have been a bad little girl," while lowering her panties.

The man approached Kaylah, but suddenly his arms were secured in Kaylah's make-shift rope. She suddenly covered the man's lips with her own. He tried to kiss Kaylah but was being strangled; the man sought to fight back, but something tied his arms up.

Kaylah held the guy until he collapsed in her arms and released him.

Kaylah tied and muzzled the man, using the linen from the window screens as the rope, and ripped a small piece of linen and forced it into the man's mouth. After covering it up with a make-shift bandana, Kaylah looked in the hallway. She continued towards the cellar, to establish was safe. Opening the trap door, Kaylah smiled. There was food here for two years, but with my roommate to keep me company, it will undoubtedly shorten that.

After, clearing anything that could hinder her way back she chose, it was ok to go shopping.

She needed a suitcase to bring the man to the basement without causing drama. Her motto was it is better safe than sorry, but to allow no one to abuse her.

Kaylah was bouncing around while looking for a suitcase. She finally found herself a nice pink case and returned to the apartment complex, she asked an attendant for the keys to the laundry room. Kaylah smiled as it was the also near the basement.

After walking down the narrow hallway, she entered her room and saw the man stumbling around like a snake, after punching him in the gut, she said: "I got us a nice place to vacation for the year."

The man could not make a sound but cried. Kaylah kicked him again and tossed him in her suitcase.

Kaylah smiled as she thought, "God blessed me with a partner for my trails."

She arrived at the basement trapdoor and tossed her suitcase in. After which she jumped down herself and landed on her oddly moving suitcase.

She opened the suitcase and said, "welcome home, daddy"

The man rotated his head and stared at Kaylah while tearing up.

"Daddy it is a big room, its 30 square feet, and there is even a bed for you, well, to be honest, they meant it to be a dining table."


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