Empyrean World Online
2 Werepire
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Empyrean World Online
Author :Erinies
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2 Werepire

[You have read the Lore. You are eligible to see your racial abilities.]

[Would you like to view your abilities?]


Haven selected yes and a screen popped up before him.


[Werepiric Strength]

-Two Handed weapons can be wielded with one hand.

-One handed weapons increases Crit chance by 100%. Weapon breaks after a single hit.

-Stats scale much higher than other races.

[Immortal Vitality](Locked)

[Werepire Form](Locked)




"System, why are almost all my skills locked?" Haven asked, slightly angry that he wouldn't be able to access his abilities.

[Your Level is insufficient to unlock your most powerful skills. Every 10 level intervals will allow you to gain access to a new Racial skill.]

"What! Dammit, that's pretty stupid." Haven shouted out. "Didn't you say that other races, when finding out about me, will hunt me down?"

[This is indeed true, but your race is an existence like no other. You are either destined to reach the apex or die trying.]

"What... Destiny? Don't fuck with me, system. I don't believe in such things." Haven exclaimed.

[I have run many simulations in regards to your development. They all correlate to what you will achieve.]

"Sigh. No use complaining..." He shrugged. "Alright, show me my stats."





[Name: Haven, Race: Werepire, Class: none, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 100/100, Blood rage: 0/100,]

[Strength: 1, Dexterity: 1, Vitality: 1, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 5]


"System, what is the blood rage resource?"

[This resource governs your use of racial abilities.]

"So... I can't use it yet?"

[This is correct]

"Whatever, allocate 3 points into Strength, 1 in Dexterity and 1 in Vitality."


[Name: Haven, Race: Werepire, Class: none, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 200/200, Blood rage: 0/100,]

[Strength: 4, Dexterity: 2, Vitality: 2, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 0]


'That's some crazy health scaling. If I remember correctly, a point in Vitality for other races only increases health by 30. This race is really weird.'


[You have completed Character Creation.]

[Transferring to Beginner Village #32]


Haven appeared in the middle of the village. In front of him there was a man with an exclamation mark above his head.

"Young, lad. You look like you could use some training before adventuring. Head to the village square to learn class and its skills."

The exclamation mark faded away as the man turned to talk to another player beside Haven. Shrugging, he walked over to the middle of the village.

On the way, he passed by many hawker stalls and shops that were selling their wares. Many of the items that were displayed were above what Haven could currently afford.

Arriving at the village square, He found quite a few players, entering and exiting a building. Curious, he ventured in and found several players speaking to a group of people.

Above their heads read,


[Warrior trainer]


[Level: 15]

[Ranger trainer]


[Level: 15]

[Mage trainer]


[Level: 15]

[Healer trainer]


[Level: 15]

[Guardian trainer]


[Level: 15]

[Assassin trainer]


[Level: 15]


'My race seems specifically built to either be a tank or a dps. Tanking enemies is fun and all but if the world is gonna go against me, Im gonna need to be able to fight back as well. Warrior is my best bet.' Haven mused.

He walked up to the Warrior and initiated a conversation.

"I'd like to be a warrior. What should I do first?"

"A warrior? First you need to choose a weapon you want to wield." The man nodded. He showed Haven a few beginner weapons that warriors tended to use. Among them there were daggers, short-swords, long sword and even two handed swords!

Haven, deciding to make full use of his passive abilities, picked up the two handed broadsword.


[Steel Broadsword]

[Damage: 10]

[Durability: 10/10]


The trainer nodded at his choice.

"Good weapon that one. Has a good kick to its damage too. Now that you've chosen your weapon, you need to choose a skill to learn. The first one is free but if you want to learn the rest, its going to cost you."


[Horizontal Slash: Level 1]

[Inflicts 20 Damage]

[Cool down: 10 seconds]

[Cost: Free]

[Vertical Strike: Level 1]

[20 Damage]

[Cool down: 10 seconds]

[Cost: Free]

[Rising Chop: Level 1]

[25 Damage]

[Cool down: 15 seconds]

[Cost: Free]


"I'll choose Horizontal Slash." Haven replied after thinking for a few seconds.

[Gained skill Horizontal Slash: Level 1]

"Good. More abilities will become available when you reach level 3" The trainer advised. "I have a quest for you. Go kill 10 Boars that are plaguing the village entrance."

[Quest Alert!]

[Kill 10 Boars]

[Reward: 10 copper]



Haven clicked yes and thanked the trainer. He then made his way towards the entrance of the village and nodded to the guards stationed nearby.

As he arrived at the field, he noticed many players running around killing the boars. Some were even killed by them. Most of the players that he could see appeared to be in a party.

Shrugging, he made his way over to a boar


It pawed the ground, glancing at Haven with it's beady eyes.


[Level 1]

"Let's do this." Haven muttered, readying his sword.


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