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3 A Boar-ing figh
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Empyrean World Online
Author :Erinies
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3 A Boar-ing figh

His sword carved an arc through the air, successfully shearing off a portion of the boar's life, an pushing it back

[-30, Boar][+10 Blood Rage]

Snort! The boar cried out, stumbling over to the side from the attack. It glared at Haven and charged once again.

[-10, Haven] [+5 Blood Rage]

Unprepared, Haven was hit by it for a fair bit of damage. He grunted, absorbing the blow before re-positioning himself to attack. He dashed forward, striking it's flank with his blade.

[-35, Boar] [+10 Blood Rage]

"Hehe. This is actually exciting." Haven laughed. He charged forward to deliver another attack.

[Horizontal Slash!]

[-73, Boar] [+10 Blood Rage]

Haven's eyes widened at the damage. It was more than what he should have been doing. He stared at the boar's health.

[Boar HP: 162/300]

The boar charged at him once again,. Anticipating the attack, Haven dodged and attacked it's side once again.


[-150, Boar]

"I hit a vital organ. Interesting. This game is more realistic than it seems to be." Haven mused, attack the boar once again.

[You have slain an enemy. +20 Exp]

"Oh? It seems I require 4 more to level me up." Haven shrugged before continuing the monotonous task.

Before long, he was able to anticipate the movements that the boars were making and in doing so, avoid unnecessary damage to his health. Soon, he killed another 4.

[You have leveled up!]

[+30 stat points]

"Thirty? That's odd, players are only supposed to receive 10 points per level." Haven pondered. "It must be due to my race. I have to find out more about it soon. There is a library available in town. I should visit it but first..."

Haven brought out his status


[Name: Haven, Level 2, Race: Werepire, Class: none, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 200/200, Blood rage: 0/100,]

[Strength: 4, Dexterity: 2, Vitality: 2, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 30]


'Dexterity will help me dodge much easier so that's definitely a stat I have to increase. Strength and Vitality will be my focus later on though. I should even out my stats for now to give myself a solid foundation.' Haven thought as he put 10 points into Strength, Vitality and Dexterity.


[Name: Haven, Level: 2, Race: Werepire, Class: none, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 1,200/1,200, Blood rage: 0/100,]

[Strength: 14, Dexterity: 12, Vitality: 12, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 0]


'Holy crap! That health scaling is enormous! Players with 12 points in Vitality should only have 360 max HP. This race... is crazy. Isn't this a little overpowered?' Haven gasped, surprised.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. 'No, calm down, Haven. Focus on your objective. Find out more about vampires and werewolves. Specifically their abilities.' Haven glanced at his experience bar. He needed to kill 10 more boars to level up once more.

Deciding to do so, Haven ran towards the boars and attacked.

[-200, Boar]

Eyes wide, he grinned at his damage. That was a normal attack. He wasn't sure what would happen when he used his skill and got a critical strike. Would he be able to one-shot monsters above his level?

[-210, Boar]

[You have slain an enemy.]

"My Blood Rage hasn't increase because it was already full. I should level up fast if I want to reap the full benefits of my race." Haven muttered.

Resolved, he charged through multiple groups of boars and killed each and everyone of them with ease.

Haven was soon able to complete his quest and even level up once again. He nodded, satisfied with his harvest so he headed back into town to turn his quest in for his class trainer.

[You have completed a quest!]

[Your class changed into, Warrior]

[You received 10 copper]

Haven smiled and allocated his points in the same way once again.


[Name: Haven, Level: 3, Race: Werepire, Class: Warrior, Title: One of a Kind]

[Health: 2,200/2,200, Blood rage: 100/100,]

[Strength: 24, Dexterity: 22, Vitality: 22, Intelligence: 1, Luck: 1, Spirit: 1]

[Points: 0]


"Hey Hendrik, what other skills can I learn. You said more skills will be available when I've reached level 3." Haven asked.

"Here take a look." The trainer answered.



[30 Damage]

[Cool Down: 30 seconds]

[Cost: 10 copper]



[40 Damage]

[Cool Down: 50 seconds]

[Cost: 10 copper]


[Vertical Strike]

[20 Damage]

[Cool down: 10 seconds]

[Cost: 20 copper]


[Rising Chop]

[25 Damage]

[Cool down: 15 seconds]

[Cost: 20 copper]

'Damn, that's literally all the coins I have, if I buy any of these skills.' Haven wryly thought.

"Give me, Cross Slash." Haven decided after a moment.

[You have learned, Cross Slash]

"What level do I need to be to learn higher tiered skills?" Haven asked.

"Skills are generally available every multiple of three levels, 3, 9, 27, 81, etc. You'll find that many skills will suit your repertoire much more than others. Some skills can only be learned when completing special milestones." The trainer answered.

Haven thanked the trainer and prepared to head toward the library. It was time to search for info about Vampires and Werewolves.


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