Empyrean World Online
4 What...am I?
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Empyrean World Online
Author :Erinies
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4 What...am I?



[Origins and abilities]

Vampires appear to have existed before the first Empyrean awoke, however there isn't much history dating back then.

The first vampires were dubbed as Progenitors. They carried the strongest and the most pure bloodlines. Their strength was so unparalleled that only the Werewolves had any chance of rivaling them.

The bite of a vampire does not turn one into a vampire. It turns one into a ghoul. A ghoul is one of the weakest and most easiest vampiric monster to defeat. Ghouls do not have the ability to turn others nor do they command blood magic.

Any race may be converted into a vampiric being through ingesting the blood of a Tier 2 Vampire then immediately perishing.

Vampires below Tier 4 weak towards Sunlight and holy energy.

Recommended level: 270


"Hmm. It seems vampires are much stronger than I was expecting. Lets read the excerpt on Werewolves to compare their abilities." Haven said to himself.



[Origins and abilities]

Like vampires, werewolf history before the Empyrean awoke is virtually non-existent.

The first werewolves were dubbed as Ancestors. They had the most physically powerful bodies. Speed and strength so strong that their only rivals were the Vampires.

Werewolves beneath Tier 2 aren't able to switch between their two forms at will. They require intense emotional changes to switch forms. Above Tier 2 Werewolves generally tend to enjoy staying in their Beast forms due to the additional power they derive from it.

The bite of a werewolf transfers a curse known as Lycanthropy which will allow the person to turn into a Lycan/Werewolf.

Tier 3 and below Werewolves are susceptible to silver and holy energy.

Their physical strength vastly exceeds that of vampires in the same Tier.

Recommended level: 270


"Wow. Werewolves might seem weak when compared to vampires just due to one race having an innate mage ability but to think they've kept up with the vampires even with their powers. How strong are they?" Haven muttered.

"Unfortunately, this information, as valuable as it is, isn't very useful to me." Haven sighed. "I've known about this already and there aren't any books that state what exactly their skills are."

Haven tapped his chin in thought. He wondered where he would be able to find info on a subject like this.

Not long after that, an epiphany flashed through his mind.

The Forums!

Haven smiled at his discovery. There were bound to be people that have race changed into a vampire or a werewolf and many would have posted about their abilities online.

After all, the game had been out for around 1.3 years or so. He was even willing to bet that many people must have chose the random option. They might have gotten the vampire or werewolf race based on their luck.

Excited, he found a safe spot and logged out.

When he came to, his bedroom greeted him. It wasn't anything fancy but due to his special constitution (aka fat body) gym posters, hung across his walls.

Taking off the Neural Headset, he walked over to his computer and logged into the forums. After a while of searching he found the relevant information that he was looking for.

Haven rubbed his eyes in shock.

"Holy shit. That's so broken. If those two races have specs like that... then... What the hell am I?" Haven questioned himself, a grin brokering on his face.


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