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I died and now I’m Superman
Author :MegaMan96
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^Loud Noise^

[ugh] That is the sound of Micheal waking up. He looks around and all he sees is a void that even though looks bleak and depressing it somehow gives off a life and loving feeling.

[where am I? What happened]?

[you are in the void of the universe]. He jumps hearing a voice of a young women. He turns around and sees a beautiful young women who's eyes that scream love and wisdom. [Whoo are you and what am I doing here]?

[I am the goddess of Rebirth and Love and sadly you are dead]

[What! How]?!

[You took a knife that was meant for your girlfriend] She says with a loving smile almost making Micheal fall in love with her. Shaking his head he start to remember, [now I remember, it was that abusive bastard of an exodus hers]. [Oh my god what happened to Daffney]?!

[No need to worry before you died you took his knife and stabbed him he didn't die but he is being sent to prison for man slaughter and attempt at murder]. [Sigh, I'm glad she's ok, but why can't I remember dying]?

[Well you don't remember because I brought you here and normal human souls aren't usually allowed in the void so I strengthen your soul to survive here]

[Oh] he says nodding his head. [So why did you bring me here]? The goddess suddenly gets a furious look, and Micheal looks scared, seeing his frighted look she calms down.

[I brought you here because you made me happy by sacrificing you self for your love. Do you know how many people would rather run and save themselves than do what you did? To many!] Micheal jumps from her sudden loud voice. [So I brought you here for a reward, I will reincarnate you in any world you wish as anyone and with one extra wish].

[wow, can you give me some time to think this over]?

[Sure] she say smiling showing her pearly white teeth. [but hurry you'll never know someone else might do something like you and catch my attention]. He just nods his head and begins to think.

~2 minutes later~

[I know what I want]. The goddess pays attention. [I would like to be reborn In the DC universe as Superman and with super intelligence].

[You do know superman already has a super brain don't you]?

[yes I know, but just imagine how smart I'll be with even more brain added to that].

[Hehehe] her laugh sounded like angles tickling each other. [Alright, have fun Micheal. Opps I mean Kal-El]. She say while waving and a portal appears behind him with him be sucked into it.

[Thank you]! And after saying that Micheal, no Kal-El is overcome with darkness. Without Micheal their the goddess lets a tear fall down her cheek. [goodbye my love] she say while turning into Daffney. [Hopefully I'll be able to come to that world with you later, and even if you get many women I'll be with you no matter what]. She again lets out a beautiful smile while beaming with love and affection.


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