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I died and now I’m Superman
Author :MegaMan96
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2 I am born

Micheal wakes up and he seems to not be able to open his eyes. [where am I, wait a minute I've been reborn so I'm in my mother]. [That sounds so wrong, but this sucks I'll have to be born so that'll be traumatizing]. As our hero is talking to himself his mind is slowly absorbing all the information he has every known for his photographic memory even things he himself can't remember. [It feels strange to have all of this knowledge in my brain but it's exciting just thinking of all of the amazing things I'll do with kyrptonian tech]. [hmm I wonder what'll happen if I fly into the sun, the powers of Superman have always been inconsistent]. Why'll Micheal is letting his mind wonder he is currently being born.

[Aaaahhhh] That scream was his mother Lara-El who is in extreme pain. [You can do it dear just keep pushing]. The man just so happens to be his father Jor-El. [How about you come over here and trade places with me]! He quickly shuts up because no matter what race a angry mother is a dangerous one.

~2hours of labor later~

[Waaah] {Omg that sucked, lets not do this again}. As he is thinking this he is being lifted up by his sadly soon to be dead father. [My son you are finally here Kal-El, you will be an amazing man]. He says while handing him to his mother who smiles with a smile only a mother could give to her child. [He's beautiful] she says before looking at her husband worriedly. [Dear are you sure? It could be a mistake]. She says with tears in her eyes. [Lara my dear wife the quakes are getting closer in between we have to make sure our son makes it out alive]. [Sigh I know Jor-El, lets get to work] she's says with a determined look on her face.

~2 weeks~

[The ship is finished Lara and the crystal for Kal's fortress is full of any information he could need from culture to agriculture to technology and even all kryptonian martial arts] ^Rummmmble^ [Lara hurry] she is rushing towards the ship with Kal-El blanket covering him with the crest of El. While she puts him in she speaks to him [we are sorry son we would've love to raise you as one big happy family but we pray that whatever family takes you in treats you with the love we are unable to give] she cries while kissing her son on the forehead. What she doesn't know is that her message is understood by her son, {don't worry mother I will make you and father proud, I know I haven't had that much time with you but I love you}. All he could do was give her a cute smile that makes her smile as well. [Goodbye Kal-El] as she says that she embraces her husband as the rocket takes off leading to earth. [Wont they fear him]? [Yes they will but I pray his actions will speak louder than their paranoia]. As the ship is out of sight planet Krypton begins shaking violently and exploding. [I love you Lara-El] Jor says before kissing his wife. [I love you Jor-El] after the finish their kiss the planet explodes leaving nothing but pieces of the dead planet that follow Kal to his knew home one even sticking to his ship. {don't worry father mother I will make sure the people of earth see me as a god and if not a god than a hero. Look out earth Superman is coming}. Kal thinks to himself while slipping into dreamland.


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