Inside You
-1 Where Am I?
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Inside You
Author :lustful_ninja
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-1 Where Am I?

Where am I?

Who am I?

Black everything is black everywhere is black, wait before that, who I am what am I doing here?

I feel cold, I want to open my eyes but I can't.

what is this feeling? It seems like something is missing.

Where are my limbs, my feet my head?


what is this feeling?

what to do?

Am i in a dream?

Am i alive?

is this happening for real?

calm down me... first think of a way out...

First I should understand the situation I am in then I will think a way out from here but first i have to conform my status.

I am not feeling any pain so I guess I should be fine, but what the hell is this darkness?

And where am I? Is this for real?

Think of a way out....


How long I have been here?

I gave up.

why is everything black?

emptiness, nothingness these are all the feeling I am feeling right now, not emotionally but physically as well.

There is nothing in front of me nor in left, right, up , down. Black endless darkness, such as I am in the middle of universe, wait universe is that even possible? How am I breathing? wait am I even breathing?

now I am getting chills.

calm down me, this is no time to be in panic.

I am not feeling anything nor I am breathing, well I guess you cannot breath in Universe.

No this place is not universe, there will billions of stars and galaxies if that was the case, but right now I am in a dark world where there is not a speck of light in my field, perhaps I am in a black hole?
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is this after death?

or I am in a coma?

is this a hallucination or a dream?

or did I really died?

How did I died?

wait died, when did I died , Who Am I?


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