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Life Of A Reincarnated Gangster
Author :DevinDevin
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1 Chapter 1

"Hi my name is Yukan Uzi, and im sitting down in a chair three bullet wounds and a knife stuck in my leg. Bleeding to death." 'Now your probably wondering why im like this and on the brink of death, It all started the day I decided to leave the Yakuza'


" Yukan you sure about this, know boss doesn't doesn't let people leave without a price." said Dante my only trust worthy friend in my line of work. I just sigh as I blow him off and tell him everything will be fine. But deep down I knew I probably won't be able to live after today. Walking down the street we walk up and see a building and two bulked up men guarding the door. Walking up to the two dudes, we make eye contact and has soon as they seen who we were they immediately opened the doors. Walking through the door we were immediately assaulted by four dudes with baseball bats.




'Damn who the hell has the balls to attack us on own turf.' That was the last thought I had before I passed out. For who knows how long I finally started to wake up to only see my good friend Dante getting punched and hit with bats. ' What the hell is going on here ?!!'

" HAHAHA, How does it feel Dante ? " said a man walking our of the shadows. But when I seen who it was I knew exactly who this was. He was the Bosses grandson Also Known By 'Leroy' This man has always hated us because we were the bosses favorite. Getting jealous he would always try to ruin anything we did. The man was obviously a man child but he seems to finally grow a pair and attack us.

' Wait a minute he shouldn't be able to do this unless they killed the boss' What the hell did they do to the boss?!. Lifting my head I then ask him " What did you do to the boss ?" I then see that he grew a smirk. " Oh I just killed him and took over the gang, nothing much" That's when I saw red and I barely Remember anything except massive. Amount of pain and that's how we got where we were. ' I guess this the end uh wonder what the after life is like'. That's when every thing went and that's when Yukan Uzi Official died.


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