Life's Mysteries
1 Chapter One: The real world
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Life's Mysteries
Author :Ren_Jinguuji
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1 Chapter One: The real world

"Mmmm." A yawn, or maybe a silent cry for help, as the man rose from his chair and stretched upwards. Arms were forced above his head (which clicked as he did so) and then they fell limply back to his side. Another day of 'work' and another day of leaving the house. His home was truly paradise; litter strewn in every corner, empty and dirty mugs lying on the coffee table, the supposedly 'secret' stash of magazines sitting in plain sight. The place needed what people would call a woman's touch, though he wasn't one to call it that as the room was just in dire need of a tidy from anyone that dare step foot inside. Why didn't he do it himself, you ask? There was no point. He lived alone due to the fact that his girlfriend had finally given up on him and, after that, he just couldn't be bothered to put people and socialising above money and gaming.
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Seung-Min was the man's name, though his friends just called him Min or Minnie. A twenty five year old Korean male that worked as an accountant for a company smack bang in the middle of a vandalised town and who lived in an apartment flat his best friend rented out for him. He didn't hate his exhausting job but he didn't like it either, work was just a necessity if he wanted to pay for the most recent version of Final Kingdom (his favourite online rpg game).

With the sudden realisation of the time, Min was changed out of his week old outfit into a sophisticated black suit after he had a quick shower. With clothes sorted, he grabbed his bag before picking up a cereal bar and pulling on his tattered leather shoes. Then he was out of the house in a flash. 8am and he was already an hour late for work.


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