Mei Gongqing
Chapter 34: General Ran’s Return
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapter 34: General Ran’s Return

Chapter 34: General Ran’s Return

Chen Rong came to face with Nurse Ping’s and Old Shang’s teary eyes when she got back to her courtyard, both looking at her sadly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in surprise.

Nurse Ping dabbed her tears with her sleeve and woefully said, “I didn’t know your admiration for Qilang of the Wang house was that deep!”

Old Shang likewise sighed: “Miss, what kind of person is Wang Qilang? It’s best you forget him from now on.”

Chen Rong was too dumbfounded to laugh. Without bothering to explain, she turned away and headed for her bedchamber.

The next day, as Chen Rong was going through her morning grooming, female chattering and laughter could be heard outside her doors. As though she could sense some movements inside, a young lady called in, “Ah Rong, come out to play with us.”

Another girl followed along: “Are you busy, Ah Rong? The water on the outskirts of town is very blue and clear. Everybody is going there.”

“These people are up to no good!” Nurse Ping angrily muttered.

She next worriedly looked to Chen Rong. However, looking back from the mirror was the same faint smile that often appeared ever since the lady concluded her zither piece. Nurse Ping could never explain this smile whenever she saw it.

Chen Rong stood up and opened her door.

The door squeaked open, and all the young ladies turned to look. They watched Chen Rong with interest as she slowly stepped out, every single one of them suppressing their laughter.
Chen Rong did not seem to notice any of this. She walked to the girls and asked, “Are you going to the purlieus?”

Chen Wei was the closest to her. She scurried to her side, tugged her sleeve and whispered: “Are… are you all right?”

She was met with Chen Rong’s bright eyes. Looking at Chen Wei, Chen Rong nodded her head and faintly replied, “Very well, thank you.”

Another Chen girl covered her smile. “When the banquet started yesterday, your servants said you were bedridden and even requested for a doctor. It turned out you were not sick from the fatigue of traveling, but you were lovesick from the fatigue of the heart.”
Chen Rong did not refute nor paid attention to her words. She knew this would be her plight to face from the moment she made her decision last night.

The girls’ smiles did not fade because they did not receive Chen Rong’s response. The eyes they used to watch her at this time contained a trace of sympathy in addition to scorn. Were there even girls in this world who did not love the celestial Qilang of the Wang house? Ah Rong was ultimately just another pitiful soul.

At this moment, Chen Wei pulled on Chen Rong’s hand and led her to the carriage: “Let’s go.”

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This was the first time Chen Rong stepped out of the house since she came to Nan’yang.

The city looked much cleaner compared to several days ago. The beggars had also disappeared.

A girl poked her head out and laughed at Chen Rong, who was looking around. “Ah Rong, there’s no need to look. Qilang isn’t here.”
Laughter rose as soon as she said these words.

Another girl exclaimed: “Ah Rong is famous now. Quite a few people are asking about you. Hee hee, our estate will be rowdy from now on.”

Amid these girls’ laughter, Chen Rong remained to gaze down dutifully. Her calm expression was a look that said ‘no matter what people may say, it has nothing to do with me.’
Fewer beggars on the streets made space for more carriages. Elegant coaches ran along in a steady stream. Each time one drove by, a burst of perfume would drift into one’s nostrils.

The closer they got to the outskirts, the more carriages gathered. There were many fashionable youngsters, many powdered faces, and even more perfumed clothing.

Presently well into autumn, the southern purlieus were a barren scene. The river had dried up and in addition to an open field, there was not much scenery to see.

Nevertheless, it was a rare balmy day. For that reason, some carriages belonging to the young aristocrats could even be seen.

Young lads quickly neared when they saw the girls’ carriage. About seven or eight pairs of bright eyes swept across the girls. By the time they got to Chen Rong, one exclaimed: “Could it be that this lady is…?”

Before he could finish, one of the Chen girls from Nan’yang laughed. “She is indeed Ah Rong.”

A dozen pairs of eyes turned, simultaneously looking at Chen Rong.

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“You are quite brave, miss, for picking Wang Qilang as your heart’s desire!” cackled a young lad.

As soon as he opened his mouth to say this, another lad who stood beside the carriage, his long robe flapping in the wind and his face abnormally pale, at once coldly smiled: “Wang Qilang said no one is allowed to ridicule her!”

All was silent.

The young man turned his head toward Chen Rong and seriously appraised her for a while before sighing: “‘I do not ask that my feelings be returned. I do not ask for an outcome. My wish was merely to let you know…’ In reality, Ah Rong of the Chen house is just someone in love. Those who fall in love are bound to get hurt. Why rub salt in someone’s wounds?”
His last sentence was directed at the Chen girls. They pursed their lips, glaring at him and Chen Rong in irritation, their expression of mockery and jest quite clear.

A legitimate daughter of the Nan’yang house of Chen named Chen Qi opened her mouth wanting to refute this man. Her fellow sisters tugged at her sleeves and said, “This person likes to pass on messages. Say no more for now lest you offend Wang Qilang.”

Chen Qi quickly closed her mouth. She directed her glare at Chen Rong and said in frustration, “She’s done something so preposterous yet she still gets protected by Qilang? Hmph, what a joke.”

Seeing that the atmosphere had gotten stiff, Chen Wei quickly commented, “Let’s not stand around here. The warm weather is perfect to enjoy the autumn scenery. That’s right, Ah Rong, your zither playing is so good, why don’t you offer everybody a tune?”

Upon hearing her, Chen Rong looked up for the first time. She was about to respond when a sudden surge of rumbling hooves emerged.

The youngsters turned at the same time to look unto the dusty distance.

The young man who had just come to Chen Rong’s rescue was quick to purse his lips in displeasure. “It’s that commoner Ran Min!”

Chen Wei was flushed with anger. Her lips moved to dispute, but she stopped herself in time.
However, Chen Qi who stood next to her gazed in the direction of the dust and laughed instead: “General Ran is as tall and majestic as the snow-capped mountains – an admirable man.”

The young man scoffed but offered no rebuttal.

Chen Rong also raised her head to look toward the road. A few hundred knights scattered smoke and dust under their horses’ hooves, obscuring the sparse woods on either side. Watching the fluttering banners ahead, as well as the handsome male on his crimson stallion, Chen Rong quietly said, “He came in from the south gate.”

After saying so, whatever she may be thinking, Chen Rong turned her gaze to Chen Wei.

Like her, there were several people looking at Chen Wei. Under the crowd’s scrutiny, Chen Wei’s small face faintly blushed. Her autumn-like eyes dazedly followed the red horse as she softly replied: “Yes, he’s come back.”


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