Mei Gongqing
Chapter 46: The Teenage General
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapter 46: The Teenage General

Chapter 46: The Teenage General

Luo’yang was under siege!

Not long ago, it was still the Jin’s capital – a bustling place where every great clan wanted to dwell, where all migrant Hans would turn to kneel in homage at the time of their death.

But it had actually fallen!

All of a sudden, Nan’yang was overcome with grief.

Accompanying the cries was a sense of insecurity and, suddenly, Ran Min shot to celebrity status. Almost every major clan would invite him to guest its banquet.

It just so happened, however, that he went missing right at this time.

Dismayed, they all sent people to ask the Prince of Nan’yang. Even the Chen house who was to be his in-laws became the object of everyone’s inquiries.

And yet, no one had an answer to give.

Panic reached its tipping point with each passing day. Some families packed up to move again, this time fleeing to Jiankang.

In the midst of this scene, a cavalry broke the calm and barged in each estate with its arrival. “Sir – there are two thousand soldiers outside the city, sent by General Ran to protect the Nan’yang Prince.”

“General Ran? And where is he?”

“I do not know, the young general said one of General Ran’s soldiers is capable of handling ten barbarians. With them here, Nan’yang will be unharmed.”

“Did he really say that?”

“I dare not lie.”

“Good, good good.”

Cheers soon spread to the streets of Nan’yang, gradually booming into ecstasy.

Listening to the waves of roars heightening like a tide outside, Chen Rong said to Nurse Ping: “Let’s us also go and see.”


Because they did not intend to go far, she did not ride in a carriage and ran out of the courtyard just like that. When she got to the front door, she found Chen Wei, Chen Qian, and the other girls also there. However, they were wearing veiled hats, perfumed sachets and decorative jades, neatly dressed as though they were leaving for an outing.

A sea of people was currently pouring out onto the streets, everyone looking toward the north gate.

“What are they looking at?” Chen Rong asked curiously.

“The soldiers General Ran had sent,” a servant respectfully answered her. “They had originally wanted to camp outside the city, but the masters were worried so they asked them to come in.”

Another middle-aged man smiled and added, “I heard that General Ran’s soldiers are the bravest among the braves. They always encounter the strongest opponents in every expedition. He is always surrounded by more people, but he only needs a few thousand men to return victorious. It’s not every day we get to see two thousand of his soldiers in Nan’yang; everyone is curious to see them today.”

With his voice came a series of orderly and powerful footsteps, so powerful and orderly that every step taken shook the ground.

Without knowing, the crowd solemnly looked up.

But none of this concerned Chen Rong. She had seen much more of Ran Min’s soldiers in her past life.
Just as an uninterested Chen Rong turned her head and was about to return to her home, from far away, a somewhat familiar voice came to their ears: “Remember, we cannot let the Hu succeed!”

“Aye!” Two thousand voices answered in unison, thundering in people’s ears.

Chen Rong paused and inwardly thought: Odd, how come this voice sounds so familiar and yet so strange?

“Miss, do you want to go take a look?” Nurse Ping asked her.

Chen Rong shook her head, saying: “No need,” and then took large strides back to her courtyard.

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The entire city of Nan’yang was in a fervor today. By the time the roars gradually subsided, it had come to the evening hours.

The sun had just set, and Chen Rong was resting in her room when she heard a young man’s voice: “Is Ah Rong of the Chen house in?”

Chen Rong paused. After trading glances with Nurse Ping, she stood up and replied, “I am.”

“Come out, the young general is looking for you.”

The young general?

Increasingly surprised, she smoothed her hair and stepped out. Nurse Ping quickly caught up, asking: “Miss, should you freshen up first?”

Chen Rong shook her head. “Men of the army like to be straightforward; they do not have the patience to wait.”

When she finished, she pushed open the courtyard door.

Outside, Chen Wei, her sister, and a dozen servants were all present. Chen Rong swept her eyes past them, searching around.

She saw a young lad standing under the willow tree. He was clad in golden armor and robed in a white cloak. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, under the sun, his small face was so handsome that it was almost bewitching!

Chen Rong was instantly wreathed in smiles.

He watched her astonished expression as he gave a toothy grin, waved and shouted: “You’re all dismissed!” His voice was very sharp and clear.

“Aye,” the dozens of soldiers standing at his side answered and retreated.

He turned his head and laid his sharp eyes on Chen Wei and the other girls. Though he was young, his countenance was already carrying a kind of bloody and deadly air. Aghast, they quickly lowered their heads and rushed off.

Within seconds, only Chen Rong remained in the large area.

The young man turned and stared at Chen Rong before lifting his heels to come to her.

When he was within three steps from her, he stopped. Tilting his head, he eyed her from head to toe and then harrumphed, “It hadn’t even been that long yet I heard you’re already struggling to make it? Are you already driven to the point of flattering Wang Qilang with a tune of ‘The Phoenix’s Love Song’?” His tone was heated, his eyes burning in fury.

Chen Rong glared at him before slightly lifting her mouth to sneer: “It’s only been a couple of months yet you’ve already turned from a child actor to a young general. Don’t tell me Ran Min took pity on you so he gave you this position?”

“Humbug! I’m the direct descendant of Sun Zhongmou in Jiangdong (1). I have warfare blood coursing inside of me!”

better known as Sun Quan, Emperor of Wu in the Three Kingdoms period.

He was apparently beyond indignation, his fair, pretty face flushing red.

Seeing him huffing so angrily, Chen Rong laughed despite herself. She reached out to hold his hand, her eyes gleaming as she yielded: “All right, all right, I know you’re very valiant. I was only teasing but you actually got angry, hah!”

His anger vanished at her beatific smile. He outstretched his right hand to grab her wrist and led her across the courtyard.

After a few steps, he glanced over and said, “Ah Rong of the Chen house, why can’t you stay out of trouble? If I hear anything about you right now then it’s guaranteed to be a bunch of crap!”

His spoken words were harsh but his grip on her hand was gentle and firm. It felt as though his fiery breath was driving away the cold that shrouded her.

Chen Rong tilted her head to look at the boy. It was twilight presently, the amber sunlight glittering on his golden armor. The cold metal coupled with his fair skin made for a unique beauty, one that was extremely strong yet extremely soft.

He did not turn away from her perusal, but chose to grin smugly instead. “So? Don’t I look dashing? Like a heavenly god?” He paused and then added: “My voice has changed, can you tell? Doesn’t it sound nice now?”

Looking at his triumphant face, Chen Rong finally could not stop herself from laughing out loud.


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