Mei Gongqing
Chapter 55: An Inexorable Chen Rong
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapter 55: An Inexorable Chen Rong

Chapter 55: An Inexorable Chen Rong

“Did you give ten carriages of grains to General Sun?” a scholar was heard asking.

“Aye,” Chen Rong softly answered.

He nodded, asking again: “Did you meet General Sun on the way to Nan’yang? I heard that as soon as he settled here, the first thing he did was to visit you, is that true?”


Why does he mention Sun Yan the moment he opens his mouth? she thought to herself. Could it be that they actually believe Ran Min will be attacking Nan’yang?

While she was chasing her thoughts, the prince’s muddy voice rang out: “Then in your opinion, what kind of man is General Sun?”

Here comes the main subject.

Chen Rong looked up. She spoke in a crystalline yet firm voice, saying: “Despite his young age, he is a true man of honor.”

The minute she said this, a scholar laughed aloud: “Is your remark due to his beautiful face, perchance?”

Chen Rong rose and lifted her curtain, showing her delicate face as she angrily said, “General Sun is a descendant of Sun Zhongmou in Jiangdong; he is an honorable man. His family has been killed by the barbarians on their way south. There is an irreconcilable enmity between him and the barbarians. How can you ridicule such a man, sir?”

Here, she flapped her long sleeves and censured him: “Hmph, I have no desire to speak to people like you.”

And then she actually turned around and stalked away.

They didn’t expect her to be so quick tempered. The scholar swiftly rose to his feet and bowed deeply toward her, saying: “I am ashamed. I’ve misspoken. Please do not be offended, miss.”

They were very sincere words.

Chen Rong’s face remained hardened. She gave him no reply and continued to head straight out.

“Stop her!” roared the Prince of Nan’yang.

Several guards answered to his ordered and blocked the doorway.

Chen Rong stopped in her track. She looked to be very angry, her entire face flushing red. She was presently looking at the exit that was only several steps away, sighing inwardly.

Behind her, the Prince of Nan’yang stood up with the support of a beautiful woman. He glared at Chen Rong and chillingly said, “You’re nothing but an insignificant concubine-born daughter from a subsidiary branch of the Chen house, yet have you learned to act like the scholars? Or maybe it’s the rubbish aristocrats that you’ve learned from? Ah Rong of the Chen house, your backbone is misplaced. I do not like women with such a temper.”

Nothing would please me more than your not liking me, Chen Rong spat inwardly.

But outwardly she only scoffed and slowly turned her head around.

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Cocking her head, Chen Rong looked sideways at the Nan’yang Prince and haughtily questioned, “Then why don’t you kill this insignificant woman, Your Highness?” She threw her head back in laughter. “Luo’yang has fallen; the Hu are now preying on Nan’yang. Yet you’re suspecting the assistance of General Ran and General Sun. Aren’t you worried that you might fall for the enemy’s sabotaging plan and thereby cut off your own arm?”

Her words were very spirited and plausible. The Nan’yang Prince involuntarily turned around to the two scholars.

They whispered to each other, one of them nodding as he said: “I really couldn’t tell from your age that you are so astute.”

What were the chances that she would be ignorant when she had followed Ran Min to the front line for so many years in her previous life? Moreover, Ran Min’s being suspected had also occurred in the past.

“Miss, please take your seat,” the other scholar said to her.

She didn’t move. She remained staring at them with that same haughty and supercilious attitude.

The Prince of Nan’yang was apparently growing irritated. He heaved loudly and shouted: “Men!”

“Your Highness, you mustn’t be angry,” a scholar exclaimed. Another opened his mouth wanting to warn them that although Ah Rong of the Chen house was but an insignificant concubine-born daughter, she was famous throughout Nan’yang and could not easily be touched.

The prince suppressed his anger to order: “Escort Ah Rong of the Chen house back and make arrangements for her.”

“Aye,” the two maids who had been waiting outside answered him and went to Chen Rong.

Chen Rong scoffed, flapped her long sleeves and said, “I can go by myself.” When she finished, she strode out.

Looking at her receding figure, the Prince of Nan’yang sat back on his seat with a headache, lamenting: “How can such a ravishing girl have this temper?” He repeatedly shook his head.

Seeing him in thought, a scholar carefully leaned over and whispered an advice: “Your Highness, this girl isn’t ordinary. If nothing else, once her remarks spread, General Ran and General Sun will know.”

The prince waved his hand: “Announce my order that none is to let this leak out.”

“Aye,” they gave him their word.

The Prince of Nan’yang massaged his forehead while muttering: “Cursed, such a fetching girl actually learned to act like the scholars. Every word she speaks is cutting… and that expression! How irritating. Alas, any interest I had is now gone.”

The two scholars heaved in relief to see the prince’s lust was no more.

Supported, or rather abducted, by a maid on either side, Chen Rong departed the courtyard, mounted the carriage and rode to the west courtyard. With her eyes closed, she looked composed and indifferent, and disdainful even.

The maidservants glanced at her and exchanged looks, but they did not make any sound. Only now did they realize the girl in front of them didn’t give a fig about their prince. They dared not disrespect her anymore.

The two women did not notice that though Chen Rong’s face was as calm as water, her hands were wrenching together: What am I going to do? Sun Yan himself is also suspected. He’s likely watched by other people, how can he come to rescue me? Had I known, I would’ve told Nurse Ping to seek out Wang Hong’s help. Hmph, that brat had taken liberties with me. Whatever happens, he should come to save me this once.


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