Mei Gongqing
Chapters 82-88 summary
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapters 82-88 summary

Chapters 82-88 summary

In the skipped chapters, Chen Rong spent most of her time settling back in the Nan’yang Chen estate and dealing with her relatives’ snide remarks as usual. Because WH had called a mysterious man (CR in male clothes) “darling” when they entered the city, the heartbroken female population now thought QL was gay lol, and her cousins kept rubbing it in CR’s face. No one knew she had gone to Mo’yang. They were suspicious because she had come back at the same time Qilang did, but quickly dispelled that thought because they didn’t think anyone could risk their life for someone else like that. During this time, she had also met up with Nurse Ping and was able to bring her home.

Then one day, a banquet is held at the Liu estate. Her sorry-excuse-for-a human-being uncle, Chen Yuan, brought her along to pimp her to other rich men. His wife wanted to put too much makeup on her face, so at the banquet in front of everyone, Wang Hong told the servant to give her a basin of water to wash it off. It put CR in an awkward spot, but then all the girls went away to wash their faces too, lest WH thinks they’re gaudy haha And that’s where we will pick up. I’ll fill the gaps when I eventually can, but for now please make do with what’s available.
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    《Mei Gongqing》