Mei Gongqing
Chapter 120: Bliss
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapter 120: Bliss

Chapter 120: Bliss

Despite what she said, Chen Rong’s small face was growing redder and redder. Her right hand involuntarily pulled on her robe, for she was desperate to feel cooler. However, her action caused one of her breasts to almost be exposed; even her nipple peeked out in the candlelight.

Wang Hong could not peel his eyes away. He grasped onto the table, blue veins surfacing on the back of his hands. A drop of sweat slowly rolled down his forehead…

Chen Rong tilted her head looking at the droplet. She startlingly realized she wanted to go to him, to stick out her tongue and lick that sweat. In fact, as this thought came to her, her tongue wandered between her red lips, her eyes dazed and wanton.

Still clamping his hands onto the table and hanging his head motionlessly, Wang Hong suddenly spoke: “Ah Rong.”

“Hmm.” Chen Rong’s whisper remained silky and pliant. Wang Hong’s tense veins violently pulsed to hear her voice.

He labored for air; his handsome face had turned ruddy. At length, he closed his eyes and let his hair fall over forehead, dangling between his eyes. “Ah Rong, why were you with Ran Min this time? When did you meet?”

In his chaotic mind, all that filled his nose and eyes was her female scent. It took him a great deal of effort to ask a simple complete question.

Chen Rong was likewise feeling muddled. She felt increasingly hot and thirsty. She dazedly stared at Wang Hong’s lips and barely knew what she was saying: “It was Chen Yuan. He wanted me to ask for Ran Min’s help in finding his lost grains. They always try to harm me and never leave me with a way out. So I went. I don’t want Ran Min to give his grains back. I even let him know of the secret route.”

By now, her voice had turned slightly jumbled. She paused, and then stared into Wang Hong’s eyes, murmuring: “Qilang, your lips look so soft.”

The motionless Wang Hong trembled at her words.

This time, his grip on the table turned purple. He clenched with all of his might and breathed raggedly for a while before he asked, “What did Ran Min say?”

Chen Rong was still looking at him. Her eyes had completely clouded over. She kept pulling on her robe. Her hair was tangled, her belt was loosened, and patches of her porcelain skin were exposed.

Wang Hong was afraid to look at her. He stared at the table and coldly asked, “What did Ran Min say when you went to find him because of Chen Yuan’s grains? Why did you stay with him?”

He knew Chen Rong wasn’t very clearheaded right now, and so he made his question quite clear. Not only did he repeat himself, he was also very direct.

Chen Rong tilted her head, making one side of her gown slip down her creamy shoulder.

She dazedly looked at Wang Hong, murmuring: “Him? He said that I’m just like him. He also said he wants to marry me.”

“He said he wants to marry you?”

Wang Hong’s voice suddenly rose.

Chen Rong was startled by it. She blinked and replied in a trance: “Aye, he said he wants to marry me.” She added: “Qilang, I like you, I don’t like him. But he said he will marry me… so I want to go with him.”

She repeated this over and over. Meanwhile, Wang Hong was also repeating her words: “You want to go with Ran Min?”

His eyes bored into Chen Rong. Nothing she said entered his ears anymore. He simply repeated: “You want to go with Ran Min?”

While the two of them were talking to themselves, Chen Rong seemed to have awoken a little.

She suddenly turned and rushed to the door.

Her action was abrupt and decisive. Her cheeks retained their blush, her eyes were misty, and her hands were still pulling on her clothes restlessly, but her sprint was fast and determined.

In the blink of an eye, she had gone some paces as she stumbled to the bamboo door.

At this moment, a pair of arms stole around her waist.

The minute his scent enveloped her, Chen Rong could not help from trembling. Her thighs gave out, and she slid down, unconsciously mumbling: “No, no, I can’t…”

She kept repeating these words, but in her mind, she had forgotten why she could not or what it was she was saying.

Those arms tightened around her.

His chest was pressed against her back, his fiery breath at her nape.

“Do you want to go with Ran Min?” hoarsely asked Wang Hong.

Chen Rong melted in his arms, dazed and lost.

She saw a pair of thin lips at this time. She stopped her unconscious murmurs and slowly reached out to touch it.

She traced his lips as she giggled.

He captured her finger and gently nibbled its tip.

Chen Rong’s giggle stiffened. Her rosy lips parted in surprise.

His lips suddenly moved and covered her parting mouth.

Instantly, a male breath rushed forth like the tides. It occupied her breath, stalled her heartbeat, and filled her heart, her mind, her soul… almost suddenly, Chen Rong burst into tears. She sobbed: “How can this feel so good…” While she dazedly uttered these words, his arms had tightly imprisoned her. At the same time, something parted her teeth, probed into the depths of her mouth and chased her tongue.

Chen Rong made a moan.

She reached around his neck, urgently raised her mouth and groped to his open robe.

Unconsciously, she had pressed herself against his body and greeted his kiss as she hummed, “Qilang, Qilang, Qilang……”

Over and over and over.

Wang Hong clung to her.

Clasping her in his embrace, he cradled her nape with his left hand while the other roamed to her supple breast, kneading as he gasped: “Ah Rong.”

“Qilang,” she hummed his name with tears.

Wang Hong pinched her nipple, then he lowered his head to take the other in his mouth. As Chen Rong rolled her head back with a satisfied moan, his hazy voice sought her response: “Ah Rong, tell me, who am I, who am I?”

As he asked her, his tongue lightly swirled. When her sensitive nipple trembled, Chen Rong cried, “Qilang, you’re Qilang, you’re Qilang.” A drop of tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Wang Hong wrapped his other hand around her right breast, squeezing it as he bade, “Remember, I’m Qilang, I’m not Ran Min.”

Chen Rong climbed to extreme pleasure under his ministration. She haphazardly clasped and kissed him, forgetting her answer.

A pain nipped at the tip of her breast.

At the time Chen Rong whimpered, a low and tender voice whispered in her ear, “Tell me, who am I?”

She opened her eyes and tossed a coquettish glance at him. “Qilang, you’re so silly.” She suddenly stilled his hands.

Wang Hong paused. He raised his head and looked at her.

She used all the strength in her left hand to hold him, tilted her head, and quietly gazed at him.

Her eyes were now much more translucent.

She giggled and then licked her lips. While Wang Hong’s gaze darkened, she stood on tiptoe to caress his face and eyes.

“Qilang, you’re blushing. And your eyes are hypnotizing. You’re so handsome.”

She laughed cheerfully. She slid her hand to his belt and gave a tug. His robe fell to the floor, baring his chest and lean body completely to view. She lowered her head and took a curious look at the red dot on his left chest. “This is just like my dreams,” she mumbled, cocking her head to the side.

Wang Hong furrowed his brow to hear her words.

Chen Rong suddenly bent her head to capture the red bud.

Hearing his groan, she lifted her eyes and glanced at him to mumble: “You’re delectable.”

Wang Hong could not help himself from laughing.

But no sooner had he laughed than his laughter halted.

Because Chen Rong had squatted down all of a sudden to curiously look at his erection. He wasn’t wearing any undergarments at present. After taking the Five Stone Powder, he wore nothing underneath his outer robe to relieve himself of the heat.

She raised her head staring at the object. Then she looked sideways at him with eyes so beguiling that they made him want to take her right there and then. “Is that what belongs to a man? Qilang, you’re so handsome, but this thing is quite ugly.”

Accompanying this comment was an emphatic nod of her head.

Wang Hong emitted a low growl as he pulled her up by the elbow. After Chen Rong got on her feet, he carried her and turned towards the bed. He had taken but two steps when all of a sudden, a burst of laughter broke out from his arms.

The girl in his arms was laughing as though her joy could not be suppressed. She shook with laughter in his chest and gradually slipped from his hold.

Unknowingly, Chen Rong had slid down from his hands. Looking at her sitting on the floor with her shoulders half exposed and her breasts shaking, Wang Hong furrowed his brow and reached out to pull her up.

Chen Rong suddenly covered her hands over her face as her laughter turned into sobs.

Wang Hong froze.

His ragged breathing steadied; the expression on his face turned somber.

Chen Rong wept, curling into a ball on the floor. “How can I dream such dreams? Qilang, why do you make me have this kind of dream… If I know I’m not good enough for you, I ought to let you go and forget you. Why do I still dream of you? If Ran Min knew, he would never tolerate me.”

When Ran Min’s name was uttered, an ache shot through her arms.

Then, her body became airborne.


Chen Rong fell onto the bed. She yelped and clutched her buttocks. Due to the pain, desire lessened from her whole being, and even her blush faded.

At this moment, a very gentle kiss was planted on her tears.

That familiar voice was now husky as it softly rasped into her ear: “Ah Rong.”

After Chen Rong foggily answered him, she heard the same voice grazing her ears. “From now on, you must never mention that name again.”

A trace of coldness was detected in his tender voice.


“Good girl!”

He sighed into her ear, his hoarseness recovering slightly.

He leaned forward and slowly lowered his naked body over her.

By the time he reached out to pull her sash, lucidity had returned to his eyes.

Yes, lucidity. Wang Hong’s eyes were still exceptionally bright and fiery, but compared to a second ago, they were now unmistakably more lucid… Even his breathing across her face had calmed to a steady pace.

The influence of the Five Stone Powder had passed.

He bowed his head, letting his inky hair drape across his face.

Like spring breeze, his fingers caressed her lips while he coaxed her: “Ah Rong.”

Chen Rong’s eyes flew open to drunkenly regard him. She instinctively felt something was wrong in her muddled mind, but it was no more than a vague feeling.

When he received Chen Rong’s response, Wang Hong smiled and lightly kissed her to ask: “Has Ran Min touched you?”

His hand slowly slid down and gave her goosebumps wherever it traveled. When she found herself unable to suppress her shivers, his hand sudden closed over her breast. Lightly plucking her nipple, he hoarsely prodded: “Has he touched you like this?”

Chen Rong widened her eyes and haphazardly shook her head, whimpering: “No, no.”

Hearing her answer, his mischievous hand moved downward to draw circles on her stomach. When the blush on Chen Rong’s face deepened, he again asked, “What about here?”

“Has he touched you here?”

Chen Rong continued to shake her head. For some reason, his slow and gentle touches only served to make her feel bursts of tingling sensations. She wanted to cry. “No, no.”

He bowed his head to lightly bite her chin. “Then how has he touched you?”

When he did not receive an answer, he propped himself up on one arm, raised his head and looked at her.

Chen Rong’s beautiful face was flushed red, her smooth jade skin was also glowing alluringly. She looked at him with large round eyes and pursed her kiss-swollen lips. She looked to be thinking.

Wang Hong smiled ever more tenderly. He softly prodded, “Darling, did he touch you?”

She grievously nodded. Immediately, his eyes narrowed into lines. A cold current circulated the room. “Oh? Did you let him touch you? Where? Good girl, tell me.”

Chen Rong blinked. After a long time, she mumbled, “He held my waist.”

Wang Hong frowned.

“Just your waist?”

She looked at him and grievously nodded.

Slowly, he smiled.

He had always been handsome, with jade-like skin and a bearing that seemed to radiate. His face was at present ruddy, his clear and lofty eyes now slightly scattered, slightly clouded, and slightly seductive. And that smile… such Wang Hong was very tempting.

Chen Rong swallowed.

He chuckled to see her wanton eyes. He held her hand and guided her to his lower body, groaning out loud when her impatient fingertips made contact.

At this time, she was still looking stupidly at him.

Wang Hong laughed despite himself: “Are you happy? Do you love me?”

“You’re beautiful, my lord,” she bluntly replied with a nod.

She laughed, withdrew her hand, and then pressed her lips onto his. “This dream feels so real.” She laughed cheerfully.

Wang Hong slowed down to lie on top of her. He easily tore her clothes so that in the blink of an eye, Chen Rong was also bare with nary a thread on her.

He propped himself up with one hand to survey her body.

Like a flame, his eyes swept from her neck to her breasts, to her waist, to her lower belly… and then to her legs.

Momentarily, he smiled and murmured, “You are truly stunning.”

With this comment, his hand went between her legs.

Chen Rong was hugging him at this time. She was pressing close and writhing against him in hope of relieving herself from that rush of heat when, all of a sudden, a foreign object was felt down below.

She looked down.

A large hand was stroking her virginal entrance.

Even in her stupor, Chen Rong had felt embarrassed. She held back his hand and looked up at him. “No, Qilang, we can’t,” she said with a tear.


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