Mei Gongqing
Chapter 145: The Irresistible Sensation
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Mei Gongqing
Author :Lin Jiacheng
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Chapter 145: The Irresistible Sensation

Chapter 145: The Irresistible Sensation

Wang Hong held back Chen Rong’s hand from snaking into his groin, but he had only taken her hand out of his clothes when her other hand had begun pulling at his lapel.

Her lashes fluttered furiously with a determined look as though she would not give up until she succeeded. But because she was drugged, her hands and feet lacked the strength they needed and her efforts somehow became a slow seduction.

Wang Hong freed her right hand to grab the one playing on his chest.

He had just controlled that hand when her mouth descended over his. Her fragrant tongue flicked out and happily traced his lips. It delved deeper and deeper until it separated his teeth and slipped into his mouth to chase his tongue.

This time, Wang Hong’s breathing completely lost its rhythm. He turned his face to avoid her, but the more he dodged the more mirthful Chen Rong became. She laughed and laughed while propping herself on her elbow to reach for his robe.

It took little effort before she was able to pull his front half open.

Struggling to fend her off, Wang Hong’s breathing grew more and more ragged, his face redder and redder. When he finally could not bear it anymore, he pinned her hands down and hastily ordered, “Ah Rong, stop! Stop!”

Chen Rong grievously raised her head to look at him in bewilderment.

Even saints could not resist Chen Rong when she was being this way. Wang Hong’s breathing missed a few beats. He clenched his teeth, clasped her hands and locked her in his embrace.

Chen Rong was uncomfortable to be locked down. She squirmed and, after finding that her hands could not move, rubbed her face on his chest with soft mewls.

A bead of perspiration followed one another from Wang Hong’s nape, slowly sliding into his collar.

His Adam’s apple undulated. Just as he was clenching his teeth and tightening his hold, an advisor laughed outside the carriage. “My lord, a lady’s love is the most difficult to refuse, why must you try so hard to resist?”

Another chimed in: “The world sure changes quickly. It had not been long but my amorous master is already emulating Liuxia Hui.”

A burst of soft laughter followed these words.

Tortured to sweat by the writhing girl in his arms, Wang Hong harrumphed to hear these words.

The laughter outside grew louder.

Wang Hong was busy fending off her mouth. But if he loosened his hold, the body in his arms would brush against him even more furiously.

Helpless, he dove forward and pinned Chen Rong underneath his own weight to keep her from moving.

The people outside were startled to hear the crashing sound in the carriage. A guard suppressed his laughter to say, “My lord, you are savage.”

“From what I know, the savage one is not our master.”

Another round of suppressed laughter ensued.

Wang Hong had no time to be angry. After seeing that she no longer squirmed around, he loosened his hand and slightly lifted himself up.

He looked down at her flushed face and the eyes that were looking at him full of grievances… Wang Hong clenched his teeth, bent down to kiss her eye and hoarsely said with difficulty: “I’m not a saint, Ah Rong. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself if you keep on like this.”

At this juncture, he could not help from a rueful smile. He bowed his head, letting a strand of hair fall across Chen Rong’s nose. There was loneliness in his husky voice: “Lovemaking is supposed to be a beautiful thing… I was wrong last time. I should’ve tried something else.”

How could Chen Rong understand what he was saying? She was just looking at him with those watery eyes…

The carriage steadily continued to drive forward.

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“My lord, there’s medicine now,” a guard called in at this moment.

According to him, it was a sedative that could induce rest. Although it wasn’t an antidote for the fragrance, it could lull people into sleep.

“My lord?” asked the guard when he did not hear his master answer.

Wang Hong still gave no reply.

He was quietly looking down at Chen Rong writhing underneath him. Her eyes and expression were both tantalizing, and more importantly, overflowing with love…

He cast his gaze down and at length said, “I don’t need it.”

The guard lingered, wanting to ask again when someone nearby glared at him and whispered, “The young master is enjoying himself. You’re really obtuse!”

The guard continued watching the carriage and muttered, “She’s only a woman. It is our young master’s prerogative whether he wants her or not. It’s very unlike him to neither touch her nor let her go.”

His voice was low enough that only two men heard him. They threw him a supercilious look, with one shaking his head.

In the carriage, Chen Rong could not move from his confine. She could only lift her flushed face, murmuring: “Qilang, I’m burning.”

Her words caused Wang Hong’s throat to undulate.

He bent down and gently nipped her nose, saying: “It’s alright, I’m here with you.”

His breath had a scent that made Chen Rong’s blush deepen.

“My lord, my lord… my dearest lord,” she whispered with longing in her eyes.

Wang Hong closed his eyes and pressed his face to hers, sighing as he listened to her sensual whisper.

Almost as soon as his sigh escaped, his mouth moved to capture her lips, swallowing her moans and whispers into his throat.

Her fragrant tongue and breath made for a heady taste…

Wang Hong’s lips had barely left when Chen Rong anxiously raised her head to recapture them. As she curled around his tongue, a satisfied groan escaped his throat.

At this time, a guard voiced in, “My lord, are we going home?”

No one answered.

The carriage stopped. Soon after the guard asked slightly louder, “My lord, are we going home?”

His voice awakened the couple in the carriage. Wang Hong fought for breath and looked up. He opened his eyes, no longer lucid, and closed them again after looking at Chen Rong for a while.

When he next opened his eyes, they were clear again. He looked into her eyes where he saw his own reflection, and slowly said, “Go back to Xishan Temple.”

… “Aye.”

After a pause, Wang Hong bade, “Go and send the servants back to the temple too.”


The carriages changed direction.

Before they reached a hundred feet, they jolted and came to a stop.

“Is it Qilang?” a girl asked, sounding pleasantly surprised.

Not waiting for the guards to answer, a man’s laughter gave sound. “Did I run into Qilang? Excellent.”

Noises ceased outside, and then a series of orderly voices took over: “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

His Majesty?

Wang Hong furrowed his brow.

He looked at Chen Rong’s Daoist robe and knotted bun, thinking to himself: I had only left but I’m already running into His Majesty. It seems I have been playing nice for too long.

Chen Rong was a royally-ordained nun, an occurrence that had only happened a few days ago.

Even if the emperor didn’t have the Jiankang aristocracy’s regard, he still had the divine right of kings that had ruled for thousands of years.

Pretension was still part and parcel of court life.

Not only him, but the Prince of Jiankang had also acted in discreet… public humiliation was taboo in the aristocratic circle, after all.

It seemed someone had set him up.

Amid Wang Hong’s silence, another young man’s laughter gave sound outside. “Is it really Qilang? It’s been a year, I wonder if Qilang still recognizes me?”

This youthful voice was that of Prince Ren, who was the closest to the emperor.

“A few days ago I heard people say that Qilang is back. Now that Qilang has returned, the girls in the city will never look at us again,” quipped another.

The crowd broke into laughter at these words.

At this time, the soft-spoken girl called again, “Qilang, Qilang, why haven’t you come out?”

Wang Hong smiled as he listened to the laughter outside. He flung his sleeve over Chen Rong’s face and covered her mouth.

He reached out and slowly lifted the curtain.

When his face appeared, the girl concernedly asked in surprise, “Qilang, what’s wrong? What’s causing you to be so red? Your clothes are also disheveled.” When her eyes moved to Wang Hong’s half naked top, a blush spread across her face.

Nevertheless, the young girl craned her neck to peer inside the carriage.
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    《Mei Gongqing》