-1 Quick Introduction
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Author :CelestialKobold
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-1 Quick Introduction

More than likely what's going to happen with this novel is I will forget about it. This is just for me to create a single piece that I feel like. It also serves the purpose for me to kill some time and practice my writing skills for school. It's also for a project at my school. I will never read the comments and I will do everything in my power to actively avoid responsibility. Although there is a possibility that in the future I might take a liking to the story myself and find a passion for it. Right now I'm bored as h*ck so I'm doing this.
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Do we need an introduction to ourselves? IDK but what I do know is I will anyway. My name is Alex and I will be the one writing editing and anything else. I suck at writing and will never be good at it and think people who try to major in English besides becoming teachers is pointless. I want to make money and am currently in high school senior class. I'm aiming to become a software programmer. Of course, if I become the next J.K. Rowling, by which I mean how rich she got writing and not her political BS, ill gladly become a writer. Although it's unlikely a man can dream can't he. Also, I hate how some people get me hooked on a story and leave it unfinished so ill be writing my own. My mama ain't raise no whining B word so ill write it myself. To be honest I don't even know why I'm here and not doing my homework. I got 5 assignments due tomorrow and it's 9 PM but I procrastinate hella so yea. That's me if you were interested. Actually, I should be doing my homework shouldn't I. I mean they're for anatomy, Ap literature, and Creative writing, Some for Ap statistics and Ap Comparative government. Nevermind. If I need help and there are people that know these things ill never use outside of high school, can you help me, please? Much appreciated and this ends my thing.


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