1 The Beginning
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Author :CelestialKobold
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1 The Beginning


A sigh echoed throughout the desolate void. Two immense mountains that contained the entire Universe. One was smaller in size and in between both was a single valley were the only thing that can be seen with a single soul on the very tip of the taller mountain. Below him were countless graves that littered the Universe. At the very bottom of the mountain were all graves without any sense of identification. It continued up until it reached the middle. At the center of the mountains were graves that had flowers that all wilted away throughout the countless years. Continuing up there were more decorations the closer you reached the peak. Near the top were graves covered in pink Carnation with proper headstones. Rubbing the dust that accumulated of one will let you find out that they are emperors of the past. Immortals who had reached the peak of martial arts. At the top is a plateau that is roughly 100 square meters. There is only one grave that is here. However, it has no decorations, no headstone, not even a single flower. However, this grave radiates an imperial presence. All graves below can only be smothered by it.

The Man who had sighed was looking up, Waiting, with wanting eyes looking up as if expecting something. He looked like a perfect being incapable of imperfections. Nobody knows how long he has been waiting. Perhaps an infinite time, or maybe a single moment. He is a man that appears in his early 30's, covered in a black robe. His dark eyes looking up at the night sky making it quiver. His long hair extending down to the floor like a blanket hanging over the bed. His narrow nose sitting atop his silent mouth. It seems as if even the heavens are silent before this being of perfection.

He continues staring but quickly looks down to the crevice between the mountains. Down there is a single prison. Holding wisps of pure darkness. The further you go down the more foul smelling the wisps become. At the very bottom holds 3 wisps that cover the entire room. Compressed to fit. Wailing in pain. At every moment shouting curses at him. He has far grown tired of them. However, he will never let them off. their sins are unforgivable which even he finds disgusting. When looking at them he contains the loathing in his eyes. All they could see is darkness and recall every instant in which they never wish to remember. They are constantly given false dreams of hope only for it to be taken away by reality. They are forced to experience their loved ones taken from them, willingly abandoning them and hearing the wails of their guardians. Being forced to eat their children to survive along with several unspeakable acts that they must be forced to go through.

The Man quickly turns his eyes from the jail cells and looks toward the sky. Above him is a single crack in space. Quietly a single Dove appears followed by a Crow. The Crow sits on the shoulder of the man. Wings quickly appear out of his back and the Crow jumps in merging like a drop into an ocean. The Man then releases his presence and menacingly looking at the Dove. The world shakes in fear and color leaves the universe. All souls in the crevice quiet down and shaking like a group of prey in front of a predator. The Dove simply stares at the Man, without fear, it comes to him and a scroll appears in front of him. He takes it and opens it reading it. After a long time reading the Man smiles. The cold world is radiated with warmth from his smile. Color is returned to Universe.

He speaks for the first time in countless years, "Finally another Transcendent has appeared."


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