2 First Meeting
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Author :CelestialKobold
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2 First Meeting

"Stop right there, You dammed kids get back here."

Throughout the crowded street, a middle-aged man can be seen chasing two kids. He is in his early 40's covered with tattered clothes with spills of food and alcohol on them. He resembled a scroogy beast that had lost his possessions right before him. The kids, on the other hand, seemed to resemble two rabbits running away at top speed. They were already out of breath, however, they knew that if they stopped they would be punished or perhaps worse. They were covered in rags. The people all stared at this man chasing the kids with contempt. However, they all sighed with relief that it isn't them suffering such an embarrassing moment of not catching up to kids that looked malnourished.

They ran away completely avoiding his grabs while also avoiding the people on the streets. Many people got out of the way when they saw the pair of twins coming toward them. The man wasn't as lucky as the two kids.

"Ouchh". The man had crashed into another person as he had a much larger stature than the kids and couldn't go in between the people.

*Clank" Just as they were thinking they were gonna lose him they crashed into a tall man wearing black armor. All but his face covered. This man reached a tall stature well over 2 meters with a large bow on his back and a short sword on his waist. His red eyes looked warmly onto the kids with a bit of mild inconvenience look inside of them. He had grabbed a hold of them when they bumped into him.

The other man had quickly caught up to them. He looked at the man and showed some wariness however he regained his cool and walked toward him. Wearing a sleazy grin the man disgustingly said, "Thank you for stopping them, they are my kids and it would help me if you gave them back to me. It really is a pain to constantly have to stop them from misbehaving, but kids will be kids."

The kids instantly started panicking and shook their tiny heads at the armored man. They had experienced this all too often before and thought the man would also give them to him. On their bodies were bruises and burn marks.

The man looked toward the kids and then turned to the man with a smile. With this, the kids had already lost hope as they thought he was going to give them to him. Just when they were expecting to be given back to the man, the armored man pulled them toward himself and stared into the eyes of the man. His dark eyes looking at the man with complete hatred and contempt.

"Leave you disgusting filth and never appear before me." He was releasing an aura that denied any breathing room to the man and smothered him forcing him to gasp for air and bow before him. The armored man, however, stopped as another adult came forward. This man looked in his early 20's carrying a noble aura with golden armor along with golden irises. He released his aura as well but to protect the kids.

The kids seemed to have been getting smothered by the black armored man's pressure without the armored man's realization.

"If you are going to defend people, please do not harm them yourself master."

The black armored man turned back and said to him, "send these kids to a place that won't harm them and get rid of this man."

"Yes master"


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