3 Returning Home
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Author :CelestialKobold
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3 Returning Home

"Hello, my name is Gabriel" He had a soft look in his eyes and comforted them. The kids still didn't respond to him however he didn't take it to heart. "Is there any place where you would like to be taken?"

He grabbed them in a comforting hug and carried them one in each arm. He then lifted himself and started toward the air. Leaving the surrounding spectators in awe as they soon realized he was a powerful being above the meridian opening. To mortals like them, cultivating is impossible let alone flying. The kids were surprised and started holding on the Gabriel tighter, A feeling of fear and reverence toward him. The twins put their hands together.

They closed their tired eyes and opened them. This had been the first time they had ever seen what their entire town looked like. Below them were hundreds of thousands of people. Looking like ants they scurried along their lives without worry or knowledge that there were people flying about. Some people looked up into the sky but couldn't see them as if to them they were invisible. there were buildings that ran along the streets. All leading toward the center, becoming more and more extravagant, where there was a huge building that held the knowledge of countless generations. This was a place that the twins held their hope. They suffered for countless years and if they could enter in there they could become better.

The kids looked toward a house with an open window. In it they saw a family of 4, sitting warmly around the dining table. Two kids with their parents eating, laughing, smiling, enjoying life. The twins saw this with green in their eyes and shook their heads simultaneously. They then turned their attention to the castle near the edge of the city. Although it wasn't the best looking nor the grandest. The kids held great attraction towards it. This had been the place where they learned to love and show care to others. To be able to trust people and where they left all their memories. They slowly cried silent tears unknowingly.

"Do you see any place that I can drop you off? I need to take care of the man and report back to my master." Although he was crass he had no intentions of interrupting the kids. He couldn't see their faces as they were looking towards the castle. They slowly pointed toward the castle with shaky fingers and were starting to show joy again at being able to reunify again with their friends.

Gabriel started toward the place at a slow pace to make sure the kids can safely arrive there. If he went fast the kids would most likely die. It didn't take long to arrive there. Soon after the three started toward the door and knocked. The twins had finally come back home.


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