4 Sister Grace
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Author :CelestialKobold
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4 Sister Grace

After a while of waiting, the door finally opened. A woman released a calming aura that quieted even the mightiest of foes. The hair falling like a waterfall down towards her waist. Her entire body was hidden by a white robe that had a single black dahlia on it with a necklace of a sun. However, it couldn't hide the captivating shape of the body with long legs. On her hands, she was wearing beautiful gloves that also had a black dahlia engraved into it. The only place that wasn't covered was the face. Her kind black eyes that seemed to look at the kids with sadness and longing. She appeared stunned at the kids returning with an unknown man.

When the kids saw her they couldn't hide their tears any longer and ran up to her. The woman and returned the hug looking at the condition of the kids. She saw the bruises and markings on the kids and held them tighter. She looked toward the man with confusion and weariness.

She turned to look at the kids who looked at her with tears and wanting in their eyes. She could only sigh and continued to hold them while walking toward the other room. "You may come in as well, I have a few questions for you."

Gabriel walked in and looked at his surroundings. The entrance of the castle contained a door in front of them with a black sun. All around the walls were artifacts with the same marking on the door. When Gabriel looked at the back of the woman she saw the very marking.

"This is my first time looking at the marking. May I ask what God you serve." Gabriel showed curiosity toward it and wanted to collect more knowledge.

"We follow the religion of the black sun, we do not follow a god, WE follow a more perfect being. I would like to ask you to not compare our Lord as a mere god as he has long since been freed from the shackles of godhood." She replied in a harsh and reprimanding tone. Gabriel just shrugged his shoulders and continued forward.

When they arrived in the next room Gabriel saw even more artifacts with many totems and a place to sit in front of a chimney. The fireplace lightly burning to brighten up the room with warmth. Toward the side was a small table which held a painting with the woman with maids and servants toward the back. There were around thirty children in the picture including the twins. In the center was a lounge where many people can sit at a time.

Gabriel followed her and sat down and they both sat down. The chair wasn't comfortable but was still something he thought.

"Why have you come here with these kids and why do they have bruises? Where is the guardian that had adopted them?" She rapidly started firing out questions at Gabriel. He, on the other hand, chose to ignore her and look at the kids. The kids had their eyes closed and looked to have fallen asleep.

"You should know that I had done no damage to the kids. They were most likely being hurt by the old man who they were running away from on the street. The man is currently still alive but won't be because my master has told me to take care of him." With a lack of courtesy, Gabriel answered her questions unfiltered. "I just came here because the kids told me that this was a place where I can leave them."

"I see it was my mistake then." She looked down at the kids with gentle eyes and look at them closely. Their ruffled shining white hair. Their tiny tired bodies covered in bruises. The way they held onto her as if they didn't want to lose her. "Even at this time they still hold their hands. These kids are inseparable. There had been instances where they would get picked out by parents however they always declined the ones who wanted one of the siblings."

Gabriel continued to look at the kid then looked toward the eyes of her. "I haven't introduced myself, what is your name."

"My name is Grace, these kids are called Elliot and Valerie. If you wish to adopt kids there are many that would love to follow an imperial knight, especially at the golden level." She looked at his armor without restriction.

"I'm gonna have to decline although I would like to save every kid from torment it's impossible plus I don't have much time to raise them. Also, I am not part of the imperial knights anymore. I have left it to become a disciple of my master. He is one of the members directly under the Emporer. The bow wielder that with a single arrow can destroy a country." He talked about his master with praise and admiration.

"Very well we shall take care of them until they are ready to be adopted. They will stay here until they reach sixteen years of age. They can only stay here for seven more years in case you or your master changes their mind they are always free.

With this, she called toward her maid, "Bailey". The door hurriedly opened and a woman in a maid outfit came through. She looked a bit clumsy and ditzy. She walked over to the Grace and bowed politely. "Take these kids to their previous rooms and let them rest, they are Valerie and Elliot."

"Yes, madam." She easily lifted the kids and went toward the left to do her command.

"It has been a pleasure speaking to you however I must leave." "It has been an honor speaking to you as well, I shall see you out." They both stood up and headed toward the exit. After they reached it Grace repeated in case you or your master wish to keep them come here for them.

Gabriel chose to ignore her and went his way to look for the man.


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