5 Future Plans
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Author :CelestialKobold
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5 Future Plans

After Gabriel left Grace stared at his departing figure for a moment and then looked to where they had flown from. She sent out her sense and found the man hiding in an alley. After carefully looking at the man she released a tiny bit of her pressure. In an instant, the man was crushed completely leaving no blood or bones. She then started toward the door.

"My kids will always be under my protection no matter what if I can't even protect the things I love then what use is my life. You'll understand when you have kids of your own. If you adopt them they can be your own." She then entered the door slamming it shut.

Above the roof was the black armored man. His bright red eyes showing nonchalant care in them.

He looked at it with a mysterious smile and left quietly to join his disciple.

When Gabriel arrived at the spot they had been before he couldn't find the man at all. He released his sense but couldn't find him even after he covered the entire town with it. He spent a while searching for him but couldn't find any clues about his whereabouts. He showed a look of disappointment but went back to the hotel they were staying at. The sun was beginning to set and he was rather frustrated that he couldn't find the man. Thinking what his master would do to him after he tells him that he couldn't take care of the man made him even more depressed. He was rather fond of the rich lifestyle.

The hotel was large and mainly held rooms for merchants. They had ordered the best rooms which had private baths held in them. For normal people in this town, they would normally wash their bodies every month. They thought lowly of the ones who took showers frequently thinking they were sick.

The moment Gabriel turned the door to his room he found his master in it without his armor, closed eyes. He was going to speak about not finding the man but his master quickly held his hand up signaling him not to speak. "The man has already been taken care of so don't worry about it. We are going to be leaving after two days of rest here. In those two days, we will be preparing everything to head back to the capital. Also, bring someone to measure the constitution of the kids. Don't make it obvious to them." He spoke in a critical tone to make sure he does things properly.

"Very well master, but id like to ask a question." he waited for his masters' response. His master simply nodded his head. "Why are you caring so much about these kids. They have nothing to do with you."

His master opened his eyes showing a resplendent red light. "I don't care much about these kids I simply curious about them. They could run away constantly and it looks like that wasn't the first time they ran away. They were using the people as their advantage and avoided the people carefully but quickly. Also, they were malnourished as they barely had any energy left. This shows their will is strong. The will is the most important thing a person can have. If one gives up after a few challenges then they are failures who won't ever succeed." He then stood up with a pridefully and went back to his room.

Gabriel just stared at the door with a motivated look and went back to his room to cultivate.


Before Gabriel had gone to search for the man, in the castle the kids were in the bed sleeping together. Showing an expression of relief as they slept. In their sleep, they recounted how the felt during the time they were getting adopted. A man had shown up that day asking to adopt.

Grace had, of course, welcomed him with open arms into the castle. The kids were ordered to come to the room. The man back then showed no signs of being a bad person. He had looked like he couldn't hurt a fly. He saw the twins with their matching white hair and shining grey eyes. They had a much happier look. Every one of the kids put their best appearance when they showed up in front of him. The man stared at the wanting expressions of the kids and had a hard time choosing from them. He then looked at the Elliot and had decided to pick him.

"If you are wanting to adopt them then please choose both of them as they are a pair. If not please choose one of the others." Grace interjected when he saw that he was looking at the Elliot. The man just shook his head and responded by saying it's alright, my wife and I will be happy to have two kids.

The kids were ecstatic at being able to receive a family after not being chosen after a long time. The kids surrounding them were quite disappointed but showed support for them finally being chosen. They were the ones here for the longest out of all of them. To the kids, they looked up to them as older siblings. They mostly communicated by writing as no matter how hard Grace had tried to get them to speak, they wouldn't speak. In the end, she taught them to read and write.

After they left the castle they arrived at a small home in the residential area. It wasn't rich but the kids were happy just knowing that they could have a home and family for they're own.


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