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Author :CelestialKobold
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6 Home

They turned the handle on the door in a swift motion and looked back at the man. They wanted to see if he was truly letting them live with them. The man looked at them with serenity and encouraged them to enter his home.

When they finally grew the courage to open the door, they saw inside a living room emitting a peaceful vibe. They grew calmer and entered to see kids toys scattered about the floor. They couldn't hide the joy in their little faces.

"Come with me to meet your mother first and let's get to know each other. We are a family now and you two will call me father from now on. In exchange, I promise I will supply you with love and care and make sure you live a happy life." The boys in response nodded their heads and followed him as he led them by the hand.

The man went through the corridor to a room that held a beautiful woman with long blond luscious hair. Hello, Ella, I returned with our children. The woman looked up toward the man and with a smile, she extended her jade-like arm and held the cheeks of the kids. Her soft grey eyes facing forward trying to focus on the kids. "They feel beautiful honey, thank you. Hello, it is nice to meet you, from now on you can call me mom. You don't need to be worried about anything."

The kids enjoyed these moments the most and wanted them to continue forever. With colorful memories, they look at the vivid details they recall. They then continued on and enjoyed being around them. When they ever got hurt when playing with their father they would go to their mother and she would treat them. The mother was always in the bed and when the kids wrote why that is they said that she was sick. These happy times went on and they started becoming less reserved as they became more of a closer family.

Around two months in their mother had gotten pregnant. The kids felt scared that they might abandon them and started to become quieter around them. The parents noticed this and relieved their worries by saying they'll continue loving them as their own children no matter what. The pregnancy was going well and normal. Until the 25th week of pregnancy when the world started to become more hazy and colorless. At this moment they also felt like they lost something during the time they lived at the house. It felt as if someone had been protecting but they lost the warmth. The mother started to show contractions that were barely apart. They visited the doctor in their area but were met with devastating news.

"We will deliver the baby as best we can, however, I don't have high hopes that either of them will make it. Your wife is too unstable to be able to properly give birth to the child. The only way to save them is to transfer energy from you to her. Even then its a very small chance that they will live."

The father agreed without hesitation and went into the room. They waited outside as the world started turning darker until they couldn't see anything. When the doctor finally came out he was alone with a heavy expression. "You two come in, your mother has some words to say to you."

When they came in they saw their father collapsed on the bed next to their mother, shriveled as if he had been drained of his life with wandering eyes holding what seemed to be a small doll completely blue.

Their mother had tear stains coming down looking up without focus. She signaled them closer with her delicate hand and held their hands that paled in comparison to her rough hand.

"Hah". With a soft sigh, she continued. "Meeting you kids was the happiest I had been in a while. You will always be my children even when I am forced to leave. No matter what happens promise me to always move forward and keep caring for each other as well as your father. I have lived a good life and wanted too let you experience the pleasures of the world. There is a lot for you to discover. I won't be there but I will always be in your heart."

The kids stood up next to her wondering what was happening as they couldn't process the situation. When they finally understood they were already at a graveyard seeing the coffin of the woman that gave them happiness being lowered. Their father sitting right next to them with dull lifeless eyes, trying to hide the pain in them but failing to. They saw a white light leave the coffin and the kids closed their eyes.

When they finally opened them they saw their father drinking and quietly hiding his eyes. To them, he said it will be alright. The world turned darker.

They continued until finally they couldn't see anything but make out by their hands a white light leaving a hanging body. At this point, they felt a soft hand blind them from anything else. When they could see what happens next they were on the streets on their way back to the castle.

On their faces, they cried empty tears but no one cared. A man came up to them and told them they could follow him to feel better. They wanted to get rid of the pain no matter what, so they accepted. They didn't want to feel anymore.


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