7 Despicable
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Author :CelestialKobold
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7 Despicable

As they were following the man they went to the worst parts of the town. Surrounding them were small shacks on the verge of collapsing. They saw many faces without hopes. The only ones with any shred of dreams were the children. They looked toward the kids been lead by the man and just shook their heads.

The children didn't know what they meant by that but decided against following the man any longer. When they were going to leave, the man stopped them from going any farther and pulled on them toward an alley. There the man knocked on a door.

"Password?" The man said a few words silently so the kids couldn't hear, the door opened and the man forced them inside. They saw countless drawing and candles that gave off an unpleasant feeling. In the middle was a giant circle that had a pentagram. Surrounding the perimeter were cells with a foul stench emitting from them, countless bones scattered in them.

The man took them to the cells and threw in a bowl.

"From now on this will be a place for you to stay. You will be the next few experiments. You will be puppets that houses the soul of our God. Your soul will be removed from your body." The kids didn't understand what these people were preaching but they felt terrified. They closed their eyes, but to no avail, as it didn't make a difference, they still were reliving this.

As time went on the tall beast like people showed no empathy towards them. They would feed them very little and not let them command their own lives. They then moved on to forward in time. They saw the cult members roaring and laughing, a pack of hyenas. They didn't want to look up so they stared down and tried to close their eyes. All they could hear was constant laughing.

They then moved forward during a moment where they could see color. When they were about to be fed again a calm looking man beckoned them forward. The children obeyed, they didn't bring their bowls so the man told them to pick it up. They were expecting the same group that they had always received but instead got a real meal. They looked toward the man with a dull and questioning look.

"Can you listen to me speak for a bit. I don't expect any responses from you two." The kids were wondering why he was asking this. However, they nodded their heads.

"A long time ago I had a home, it contained only the basic necessities. We were quite a large family in a tiny village quite a ways away from this town. It contained maybe only a couple of families but we were happy. I grew up in it, eventually, when I got old enough I married my sweetheart and had two children. We lived a small life. To others, we would be insignificant but we were our own people." The man showed a soft expression recalling the past. His face distorted in an instant showing a painful look in his eyes.

"When I was away from the village hunting for food, human-shaped monsters had arrived there. They ransacked the village and set my world ablaze. By the time I had returned it was raining so the flames had died out. I only saw the burned village. Through the streets were limbs torn apart from the bodies. Blood pouring throughout the village, with a mixture of smells. A metallic smell along with charcoal. I could see the expressions of the people. I heard a noise inside the village chief's house and went to check it. In there I saw a woman forced down being cut open while alive. She was being fed pills constantly by the human beasts. They laughed and laughed and laughed. The woman.., was wailing screaming at the top of her lungs. I saw them smiling with an ecstatic pleasure showing from their eyes." By this time the man couldn't hold in his feelings and sobbed.

After some time he continued the story."I had managed to run away and was led here after wandering for so long. At the time I didn't know why I was alive, I asked why people like them could live in this world. I had lived without following a god but i will gladly give up my morality to get rid of these dogs once and for all. Don't take pity for my story as it is common in this world. I found out that the people who committed those atrocities were cultivators. They would not receive any repercussions. I who tried to get turn them in was a simple fool. I'm a mere mortal before them. There were countless mortals and even sparser cultivators. To them we mean nothing. All of us here had suffered at the hands of them. We all will take revenge with our God leading us to make them pay. You two are needed to accept our God into your hearts and bodies. We want you to lead us through damnation into paradise."


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